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    Design engineering consultant , freelance, I consider myself a technical prostitute of sorts. I go where they need me and will pay me the most money. Love engineering, Cad work,. Design of machinery, nothing better than seeing your ideas come to fruition in the real world.

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    When I retired from the Corps in '86 I was an Ammo Instructor in the joint school with the Army. I went back to work as one of the Army Civilian Instructors. From there I moved on getting into Inventory Management of spare and repair parts for systems used by all services and managed by the Army Aviation and Missile Command. While working for the Army, I attained a Bachelor's Degree from Athens State University and a Master's from Florida Institute of Technology. January of this year I retired and now just play.

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    I work for a medical software company where we develop oncology management systems. I've been there since 1996, as a software test engineer until 2007, and since then am in quality assurance and regulatory affairs.
    I also teach some motorcycle safety classes on the side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by echo7tango View Post
    I also teach some motorcycle safety classes on the side.
    How did you get into that? I'd like doing something like that myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp2usmc View Post
    How did you get into that? I'd like doing something like that myself.
    Contact the MSF: Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Find schools near you, then contact the site administrator and talk to him/her. That's how I did it. You then start learning and studying, and then you take the RCT, RiderCoach Training. Good luck!

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    Retarded/retired Law Enforcement/Private Security

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    doing Job

    i am doing job in pharmaceuticals company as a computer operator. it's a big company

    Bumper Stickers

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    I am a Safety/Security & Facilities Maintenance Manager for a 3rd party logistics company in Memphis, Tn. On the side I got my certification as an EMT.

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    i work for Walmart 10 years and counting

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    Quote Originally Posted by BetioBastard View Post
    I know that the Corps and marraige don't work that well.
    You got that one right! Ex left me for Jody while I was on the rock (the first time)!! Second time I went back I made up for lost time...best thing she ever did!!! Hope she and Jody lived happily ever-after cause I know I did

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    I'm standing mids on the MSG program in Milan, Italy. Damn I need a beer.

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    I design, Build and, Repair electronic Instruments for the Oil Industry. I have been at it now for 40 years. I would have never been in the position that I am in today, had it not been for my time in the Corps. My ambition was multiplied many times with my experiences gained in the USMC.

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    From 6433 to Ford Industrial Fork Truck Mech

    USMC 6433 from 85 to 89. worked at Ford 94 to present ,apprenticed in 2000 for Ford Fork truck Mechanic,Transferred from Ford in Sandusky,Ohio to Ford Louisville Assembly starting 30 January 2012

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    Glad the title isn't what you have done since you EAS'd. After reading the majority of the thread, several of you have been able to find the job that fits you for a long period, but like me many have gone from job to job to find something that is good for the time being. All right enough of the bs.

    I am currently a Technical Account Manager for a major credit card company. Started nearly 6 years ago as a Customer Support Representative and I am continuing my move up in this industry. Hopefully I can retire with the company as many of you have done and enjoy the benefits of retirement.

    Semper Fi,

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    Done a chit pot full of jobs. None was considered a "life's calling". Mostly OTR trucking like my Ma, and Pa who were a team. When I would become burned out from that I tried, Meat packing plant worker, sewing machine mechanic, shoe salesman, redi-mix concrete truck driver/asst manager, discount dept store asst manager, packing machine operator, used car salesman, welder, metal fabricator, farm hand, and packing plant worker. In between each job I would invariably go back to OTR. Currently a Redi-mix concrete truck driver again, but starting to miss the open road.

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