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Like the United States Marine Corps, Leatherneck.com was formed to meet a unique and important need. Jerry Shaffer, a Lance Corporal was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 1991 to pursue a career in teaching America’s youth. In addition to teaching, Jerry had a passion for “technology” and a deep love of the United States Marine Corps.

That combination led Jerry to identify that “something was missing” for Marines who either retired or left the Marine Corps to begin careers; there was not a platform for Marines to communicate with other Marines. The result; on November 10, 2001 Leatherneck.com was born.

It did not take long for Jerry to realize he had something special as the website grew quickly. As Retired, Active, Reserve and even Poolee’s and their families found Leatherneck.com, it became and still remains the country’s largest website for Marines, their families and friends.

As the site grew, so did the Marines who saw it. One such Marine, Sergeant Major Gene Overstreet, the 12th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps saw the site and today leads the management team to insure Leatherneck.com continues to grow and support those men, women and their families who have been a part of the most loyal and dedicated group of Americans, the United States Marine Corps.

Today, the site has over 500,000 visitors each month and those numbers are growing. In addition, 100% of the content on Leatherneck.com is generated by the Marines, families and friends who visit the site. On June 1, 2012 Leatherneck.com was completely updated and features a new look, information, forums and speed required to keep pace with this unique group of Americans.

And we are not stopping here! In the weeks and months ahead, Leatherneck.com will add a number of “special” features to the website including programs to help specific Marine Corps charities, special guest contributors, and more.

Semper Fi!