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    Smile Wm

    I am new to the site. I keep my Parris Island yearbook at my desk with my shadowbox and folks come by all the time to sit and look at it. They get the biggest kick out of it. It was a great three years for me and I have very fond memories.

    Beth (Fernandez) Allen
    USMC 1973-1976

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    Welcome aboard, Beth. Set yer bags down and fill out your profile so we know a bit more about you. Beer's in the cooler and whiskey is by the bar......

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    Welcome Aboard!


    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine


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    Thumbs up Buffy1976,

    Welcome Home Marine. Glad to see you in here. Grab a corner and gab awhile.

    Semper Fi

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    Welcome aboard, Marine.

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    Hello Beth and welcome!


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    Oh your gonna like it here amongst family, you'll be able to ****,moan,critize,compliment and laugh with your fellow Band of Brothers/sisters. Welcome.................SF

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    YAY! Another WM in the house! WELCOME HOME!

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    Welcome aboard Marine...stay away from Marine84....shes nothing but trouble

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    Welcome aboard, WM Beth

    Well Beth, we welcome you to our happy group. Don't pay any attention to any of these "tough" Marines when they "dis" Marine 84. She is a great role model! I'm just an "old WM" from the Korean era so I can't really be a role model...the Women who followed my service are much better trained and have much more to be proud of. You'll really like this site, I do. Semper Fi

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    Welcome aboard Beth.

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    I hope all is better in LA! I hope this site feels like home to you also!!!

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    Smile No place like home

    Thanks for asking, yes things are better. We were lucky, our house was standing..it was dented, but standing. We lost our roof and the fence, but we didn't flood. Lost everything on the first floor, but I can buy more "Stuff". Family and dogs were safe, who could ask for more.

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    Guest Free Member
    Welcome Beth, aka Buffy1976. If you want some company slaying some vampires, count me in!

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    Welcome Beth
    Always glad to have another fellow Marine with us.

    Mary Ann

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