Dress Blues For My Funeral
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    You don't intend to go out Dancing
    after the services and funeral ,
    DO YOU ?

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    I thought about my reply for
    a moment .....

    I shoulda' said - why worry ?

    what they gonna do ?

    Give you office hours and
    send you to the brig ?

    Loss of pay wouldn't even
    hurt you - i betcha ?

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    They'll have to cut the back out of my Blues to get them to fit me.

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    If you were not Dishonorably discharged, I don't remember any reason why you can't.. You do not wear the cover though... As for the gloves, again I cannot remember exactly the protocol..

    The best up to date source for that info is the local Reserve Unit or the Public Affairs Office (PANCO) of the main Recruiting Office...

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    The funeral home will put you in whatever your family provides them.

    Does your family have a set of DB's to take to the funeral home when it's time?

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    Keg, you can always get a pair of those Blues we had our boot-camp pics. in. Just put your arms in and your good to go. Also no pants to worry about.

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    Hmm.. I'm wondering how Mongoose knows Keg doesn't wear pants....

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    I'm not wearing pants now! I'm wearing shorts ... Name:  760507113.gif
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    Don't have blues will wear my poly dress greens, Semper Fidelis.

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    I have some blue colored TuTu's I saved from my dancing days.

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    My uniform of the day was a pair of ragged, sweaty, stinkin, torn apart jungle utes. And my trousers were rolled up to my knee. Wherever they are I hope somebody washed them.

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    Be a waste of money for me....gonna get toasted........go out like I live life....

    Or if they do want to lay me out on their dime before I'm toast.......I requested they lay me on my stomach so everyone can come up and pat me on the back and kiss my azz goodbye!

    On a serious note the funeral home will do your request and I have seen and taken part in military funerals where the gloves and cover are laid to the side in the casket.

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    Thanks all.

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