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    Motor T Mech question

    Here is the deal..I am pretty much in the worst position ever my family has turned their back on me because of my decision for turning to the Marine Corps reserves, Aside from that I have talked to a recruiter and started enlistment packets and all the necessary paper work besides going to meps. Right now everyone is telling me (family) that just because I want to be a Motor T Mech and getting it on my contract doesnt mean anything and that the Marine Corps will place me where they see fit. which leads to my first question. Will the corps place me where they see if even with motor t mech on my contract? Also my next question is that I am fully aware of the fact I will get deployed at some point but will I see combat and perform combat roles such as infantry roles and what not as a mech?

    Thank you for your time Marines

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    Your position is getting even worse...

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    In Motor T there will be zero probability that you see any combat as an 03XX. Your test scores will determine what your mos will be. I am sure there will be Marines that will answer this question in better detail.

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