Piercing question.
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    Piercing question.

    Ok so I already know, Ear rings or any jewlery are not allowed in the Military, but do they care if your piercing hole isn't closed when you try to enlist? I've worn ear rings for a year straight and it's gonna be awhile before it fully closes and I don't really wanna wait but are having the piercing holes in your ear still open disqualifying?

    I've looked this up numerous times but can only find where they talk about having ear rings in your ear which I've always known that's a no. So the ear hole not being closed is that gonna be a problem to?

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    Shouldn't be an issue if you stop wearing them now. And as long as they aren't gauges. Recruiters won't even talk to you if you have great gaping holes in your ear lobes.

    Jewelry is not prohibited, per se. Males are not allowed ear rings or studs, whereas female Marines are (with limits). Rings, especially wedding rings are OK, necklaces are OK in civvies (or if not visible in uniform). But all jewelry is a no-no in boot camp. When I was in, wedding rings were OK in boot camp. That was 1971, so I'm not 100% what the rules are now. Wrist watches are a non-no in boot camp too except for one or two recruits (usually the guide and scribe).

    Personally, when I was in the Air Guard as a security policeman, I never wore my wedding ring in the field so it didn't snag on anything and rip my finger off (ring avulsion injury - very nasty).

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