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    I've seen that uniform in your profile pic before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulkyker View Post
    I've seen that uniform in your profile pic before.

    Yep, that be it alrighty right!!

    Illegitimi Non Carborundum!!

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    I really don't have that many issues with it. No one is going to mistake any of these kids as Marines, Army officers, or whatever. As long as you look good with what you have, then it's ok by me.

    Historically, uniforms have been worn not only by the junior kids (starting with militia, who bought their own), but anyone and everyone, including gas station attendants after WWII. Our local high school started as a quasi military institution and wore uniforms (before and during WWI), and are still known today as 'the Cadets'.

    The sash that's being worn was typically a 'badge of rank' that dates back to the days when the battlefield was covered in smoke, and NCO's and officers needed to be quickly identified by their troops. It's a 'holdover' from days past, but actually doesn't look bad if done right and worn with a sword belt. In the Civil War, the 'officer of the day' wore the sash across his chest to signify he was 'on duty'.

    Lastly, the Campaign cover (or the DI cover as we now call it) was never originally intended to signify Drill Instructors, it was issued to every Marine. I always liked the way the old time Marines looked in the pictures from the 1920's with the 'hat, field service' tilted and bent at a salty 'been there' angle. It actually wasn't until after WWII that the hat itself was taken out of service, then basically brought back as a "DI" cover.

    And, again, as long as the Eagle Globe and Anchor isn't being worn with it, I don't get all fired up. I wore a blue 'campaign style' cover as a police officer, and wear one now of a different style as well. They look as good as you want em to.

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    well this uniform is not as similar as the actual MCJROTC uniforms. when i say similar. i mean exactly the same. with the exception a patch on the left sleeve that has the EGA, with Marine Corps JROTC on it. blue's, service c's they have it all. even MCCUU's. yeah and they wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. i could get pics up. but it'd be easier for you to just google. it. i know this because im in a Navy JROTC unit. and we compete against a Marine Corps unit

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    And that's fine as long as it's the MJROTC patch with an EGA. Anything else is unsat, and I would have issues with that.

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    I agree with Sgt. Leprechaun, as long as the uniform is properly worn, I can't understand why people would have an issue with it. If you know anything about the military, you'll know it's not a "real issued" uniform. I was in Navy JROTC and the uniforms we wore are pretty much the exact same as the real ones, just that our patch said JROTC on it.

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    I'll tell you that Army Warrent officers who are former Marines rate wearing the smoky bear with a EGA on it while in Army uniform.

    the Smoky is also in the Army's past just as it was Marines... it was our cover during WWI... can't remember when the Army had it or for which uniform... but it's there somewhere.

    I think what upset the former 1st Sgt is that you all wear it as if it means something special and you earned it... where as he had to go through a crap load of stuff just to be privilaged enough to wear it while on DI duty.

    sooo, I could be wrong... I just like adding my three cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Future93 View Post
    Earlier this week was the first time I have seen my mom since school started so that is definately not why. I don't mean disrespect, I know what you are saying, it looks stupid. Like I said, I don't like the uniform either but I don't have a choice, it's either that school or public school where there is less structure.
    Hey, public school isnt too bad (mine isnt) we still have a core group of individuals wanting to join the service as soon as were done in the place but we dont get the awesome sashes you guys get though.

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    I'm in a Marine Corps JROTC and both of my Marine instructors hate how we wear almost the exact uniform as those actually serving. Our Digis don't even have the JROTC on them, except on the front pocket so it's easy to miss at just a glance.

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    If that is his Uniform of the Day, great. At 15 he is already in a Leadership Position, that's got to be something within his Character. Good on ya Hinman!

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    Don't mean to bring up old threads, but I take the MetroNorth (NY RR system) with these West Point cadets (old enough to have liberty I guess?) on Friday/Saturday Nights.

    I have to say you guys are more annoying than the average drunk locals on the train. I can't put my finger to it as to why. My only educated guess is because you guys must be too excited to be let free? But seeing some of you with your uniforms makes me laugh only because, some of you seem so embarrassed in them (expression on their faces as they walk through the train cars).

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    This reminds me of a funny story (and, hopefully, one that I haven't told here before).

    In 1976 when I was stationed at MCB 29 Palms, me and 3 other guys went to an amusement park called "Knott's Berry Farm." All of us were pretty green, having been in for less than a year.

    At one point, we happened to look over and see a bunch of guys who appeared to be wearing Marine uniforms, dress green service alphas. (We were in civilian clothes.) We walked over to get a closer look and were puzzled. These guys had a chest full of ribbons and stripes down to their ass. Yet, they looked younger than us.

    After watching them for a few minutes, we got within spitting distance. One of us looked them up and down, and said, "Who the f*ck are you?"

    To which one of them replied in an adolescent (high-pitched) voice, "We're Marine ROTC. Who are you?"

    To which we replied, "We ARE the Marines."

    Needless to say, their jaws hit the pavement and they disbursed quickly.

    Hell, I didn't even know what ROTC was at the time.

    Matt Brzycki
    Sergeant (1975-79)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Brzycki View Post

    "Who the f*ck are you?"

    To which one of them replied in an adolescent (high-pitched) voice, "We're Marine ROTC. Who are you?"

    To which we replied, "We ARE the Marines."

    Needless to say, their jaws hit the pavement and they disbursed quickly.

    Hell, I didn't even know what ROTC was at the time.
    lol good story SGT, I hope once I earned the title I could encounter such scenarios for a good laugh as well. Definitely passing this one on to my SSgt for a good laugh as well, he gets a kick out of stuff like this and poolee Book's "Cock-face" story lmao.

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    It used to be that all the fat bodies joined JrROTC to get out of P.E. Is that still the reason your guys are in JROTC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulkyker View Post
    Looks like the sideaffects of bad vodka...

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