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    Question how many & where

    i've been tring to find how many marine bootcamps there are and where they are located, if any when out there knows can you please reply thanks.


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    There are 2:
    San Diego, CA and Parris Island, SC

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    is there any diffrence between the 2 bootcamps


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    Only their location...ALL marines are trained the same at both places.

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    At the beginning of WWII there were several boot camps for Marines, but at present there are only two. San Diego and Parris Island. Marine are trained the same. Period.

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    I read that the Base closeing people think we should close MCRD San Diego and just use PI They say if the Navy only needs Great Lakes NTC the Marines can get by with only one MCRD. Being A Hollywood Marine I think it should be PI they close.
    Semper Fi

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    I may have to fix bayonett if they try to close my beloved MCRD San Diego!
    I will be at MCRD Parris Island in March for my daughters graduation will be nice to visit the hallowed grounds of the other Marine Depot.

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    I'll add a second thought to that.

    Generally speaking, enlistees from west of the Mississippi River go to MCD San Diego, while those from east of the Misissippi go to MCRD Parris Island.

    And yes, a Drill Instructor from either MCRD can leave a platoon of recruits on day such and such, and take over a platoon on the same day on the other coast, and not miss a beat.

    That's just one of the things that makes Marines unique, a shared experience from day one.

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    There was talk of moving MCRD San Diego to El Toro, don't care for that idea much, didn't like it when they closed Camp Matthews

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    MCRD El Toro...that just doesn't sound right....

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    what does MCRD mean?

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    Marine Corps Recruit Depot

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    What happend to the MCRD @ OCS?

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    huh?marine corps recruit depot at officer candidate school? wtf are you talking about?

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