uniform question..what ribbons/badges can i wear.
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    uniform question..what ribbons/badges can i wear.

    First, Hello and Semper Fi.

    I did 2 hitches in the Marine Corps, then 1 in the Navy, and then 1 in the Army, exiting in 1990.

    I am now 100 % disabled veteran and am going to the Marine Corps Ball...haven't been in 30+ years.

    My question is what ribbons/badges can I wear with my dress blues. I believe I can wear my service ribbons, etc from the Army and Navy, i.e. good conduct, NCO academy, Army Service ribbon, etc. If I am wrong, please correct me. I got my parachutist badge in the Army and assume I can wear it? If I am wrong on these please correct me..

    My other question pertains to marksmanship badges. Can I wear my marksmanship badges that I qualified for, the last time I qualified in the USMC. And they were the same level in the Army upon my exit in 1990. So are those badges allowed to be worn after separation from service, all these years and if so, would I wear the USMC or Army versions, or does it matter which?

    Thanks so much ahead of time.


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    One other question.. Service stripes...USMC is every 4 years, Army is 3...so would I combine all service and divide by 4?

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    We used to have a guy here who was an expert on this stuff, but he hasn't been on for years.....be patient, hopefully someone will be along to help you.

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    Will do, thank you sir!


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    While you're waiting, you might do a search in this section, and see the Similar Threads just below your post. This might have been asked and answered, I don't know, but take a look while you're waiting for a response. Not just the Similar Threads but the entire section----someone may have asked your question before.

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    Read MCO p1020.34G

    1. Marines may wear those awards described in the Navy and Marine Corps
    Awards Manual (SECNAVINST 1650.1), when authorized by competent authority.
    2. Marines who receive awards from other services, or departments of the
    United States Government; or from foreign governments or other agencies may
    wear such awards on the Marine Corps uniform only as authorized herein.
    3. Marines who served in or were attached to another branch of the U.S.
    military services and received a decoration, unit award, or service award of
    comparable criteria to one issued by the naval service may wear the award on
    Marine Corps uniforms, unless otherwise prohibited by these regulations.
    4. Examples of other U.S. service awards which are not authorized include:
    marksmanship medals/ribbons (Navy/Coast Guard/Air Force), USAF Outstanding
    Airman of the Year, USAF Recognition Ribbon, USAF Longevity Service Award,
    NCO Professional Development/Education ribbons (Army/Air Force), Army
    Service/USAF training ribbons.
    5. The Combat Infantryman's Badge or the Combat Medical Badge is not
    authorized for wear on the Marine Corps uniform. Upon submission of evidence
    to their commanding officer, personnel who earned the Combat Infantryman

    Badge or Combat Medical Badge may be authorized to wear the Combat Action

    Typically it is only authorized for wear if you are in a parade for that service. I rate a Coast Guard Meritorious Team Citation award but I can't wear it in uniform.

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    Good Idea..Thanks

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    I just saw a thread in this same section, entitled Clarification For A Marine Wanting To Wear His Dress Blues.

    There may be other threads, I didn't get beyond that one.

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    There are several other threads like this one, not precisely the same, but similar. I noticed that Tennessee Top contributed to a couple of them.....you might consider sending him a PM. He has good info on just about everything related to today's Corps.

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    Thanks to all who posted replies. You have all been very helpful and I appreciate it so much! I did PM Top and he was able to help as well. Thanks again.


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    You're welcome----make sure you peruse the various threads in this same section. Some are relevant, some aren't.

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