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    I need some help. I would like to take my husband's blues jacket and have it put in a really nice shadow box with all of his medals and such on it. My problem is I want to make sure everything is on there correctly and I want to surprise him. Is there anyone or where I can go for assistance or guidance?

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    Yes. Get all his medals so you can look at them. Then just go to the homepage of this site and click on the "ribbon checker" link. Click on the ribbons (medals) you need to check. It will show you what order (from left to right) the medals need to be in. Good luck.

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    Thank you for the help!

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    It is nice you want to do this ...but before I would put the uniform in a shadow box as a keepsake for the "Love Me" wall....I would bring up in conversation does he want to use them blues to be buried in....

    I'm getting old so I am thinking in a different direction....but then again Bravo Zulu to you for wanting to preserve some of his best memories! Best of luck!

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    You could always take them out of the box, dress hime, them put the whole thing in a bigger box.

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