Recruiter is taking forever getting me to MEPS
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    Recruiter is taking forever getting me to MEPS

    I started talking to my recruiter in December of 2013, before I was old enough to enlist. When I turned 17 in August of 2014 I had my parents consent and all of my medical records for him, he said I would probably be going to MEPS in about 3 weeks if everything works out. That didn't happen, he said there was an issue with me getting an ADHD waiver. I already was off my meds for 2 consecutive years prior to talking to my recruiter, and had all my doctors notes. Later he tells me that he found a way around it, and I could expect to be going to meps mid December. It's New Years Eve and I still haven't gone.

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    hmmm... that seems a little weird to me. if I were you I would bug him to the point of irritation. I would think that if you keep asking over and over why the hell he hasn't sent you yet then he would tell you what's up. also keep in mind that there is a lot of paperwork that goes into sending someone to meps plus he probably has many more wanna bes wanting to join. the good thing is your only 17. you have all the time in the world to join. sorry I couldn't be more help. there should be some more Marines coming in here to attempt to help your dilemma. good luck and Semper Fi!!!

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    I can't comment on the why.....but I will say mid-December to the first full work week in January most recruiter or RSS are on a skeleton crew for Christmas.....New Year and the holidays....check back on physically going to the RSS. Good Luck!

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    they're out there

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    It's only been 2 weeks since mid-December. Be patient and persistent.

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    Got any referrals for him?

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    They are on vacation. Bare bones crew.

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