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    Hey everyone, lookin for a little advice here. I leave for Recruit training on 040503 and I was granted a split, which means I wouldnt go to MCT or MOS until summer of 05 becuase I am enrolled in college. Would you all recomend that I just take off the Fall Semester after Recruit training and get MCT and MOS done? Thanks a buncH~

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    Get it all done at the same time if you can. You don't want to miss out on training with your unit for two summers just to go to MCT and your MOS school. What you learn in school is important, what you learn from your unit is just as important. It is up to you, but if you are thinking about making your Marine career the best it can be, then go ahead and miss the semester of college. The college classes can wait, but you will wish you had all the training available if you find yourself deployed with your unit.

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    Personally, I'd do it all at once, and get it over with.

    I say that for three reasons. Until you complete MOS training, you're neither fish nor fowl, and would feel out of place at your drill meetings.

    Where or what would you be if your unit was activated?

    Lastly, I guess I'm too impatient. If there is something I am going to do, planning to do, or have to do, I want to get it done and out of the way so my time is completely my own again.

    Hopefully, someone will respond who was or is faced with the same question, and their answer will reflect their experience.

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    Ooohrah FirstSgt and Echo_Four-

    I'm on the split program, and there is also another Marine in my unit who is as well (we graduated the same series). I am a "contract" 0351, but in my unit I am just a "0300 Series", which means I'm not qualified for my MOS (obviously). My Platoon Sergeant said it wouldn't be a problem, and I'd get some On the job training, but I'm not in the weapons platoon. As far as when we get deployed, the unit just got back from a double activation in September, so the word in house is we won't leave for awhile (again, needs of the Marine Corps). I am interested as to what would happen as far as those of us who haven't finished training, I'll find out ASAP. I've been busy doing them MCT's so I'll be a step ahead once I hit SOI. Its never a matter of IF, but rather WHEN. Good Question BigShawn.

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    Don't do 92-day K

    There are financial rewards for going on a "straight" program versus the "split." You do not become eligible for the GI Bill money until you complete your training, and that includes MCT and MOS training. In other words you would not be able to start dipping into that money to help pay for school until Fall semester of 2005. Besides, that also means you will essentially have no summer to do what we all love to do -- go to the beaches, barbeque and work on our tans. Hey, it is also nice to see women with less clothing too!!!


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    My brother did the split and regretted it - felt out of place in his unit waiting to get his MOS, and the split caused scheduling/time line problems with school.

    On the other hand (always two sides to every coin), he graduated tops in MOS school (meritorious L/CPL) because of OJT with his unit prior to reporting to class (some outstanding NCOs took him under their wing).

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    Hey all, thanks for the advice, I have decided to have my recruiter take me off of the 92 split, and I will go through training all at once, now the hard part...telling my mother who doesnt want me to be in the Marines at all, but I gotta do what I gotta do, thanks again everyone, I really appreciate all of your help~

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    Hey how would I go about finishing MCT and MOS since I plan on enrolling into the PLC the fall of 2004. Seeing how I would be scheduled to go to the first increment of OCS. I gather that overall it is better to just get it over with first. Can you skip your boot leave and go straight to MCT so that I can start college on time?


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    I left CLNC in the morning, with orders that included 30 days leave and 4 days travel time. I checked into Camp Pendelton, Calif the same afternoon.

    The only problem for you is when they will be having an MCT class starting. You MAY have to wait around in a "casual" status until the next class starts.

    For what YOU have in mind, it may be worth taking a chance.

    What I would suggest is waiting until Graduation Day at MCRD and talking with your Drill Instructor. He can find out the next scheduled MCT class for you.

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    Thanks First Sgt. I thought that you only received 10 days leave. I have an inherent fear of asking a Drill Instructor anything for fear of retaliations and humiliation

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    My story was long after boot camp. I had enough leave time accumulated (we earn 30 days per year) that my orders included 30 days leave before overseas deployment.

    Notice, my advice was to wait until after Graduation to ask for your Drill Instructor's assistance.

    It's an AMAZING revelation to discover an unbelievable fact. They are human beings and have family, friends, and feelings. After graduation, you are no longer a recruit, but a fellow Marine.
    Several years after MY graduation, I ran into a Marine I was in boot camp with. I was still bad mouthing one of my Drill Instructors. He told me a story.

    He came from San Diego, was married, and his wife was expecting when he entered MCRD from the DEP.

    On the night his wife gave birth to his son (named after the Drill Instructor), he was smuggled off base in the trunk of the Drill Instructor's car, taken home to change clothes, to the hospital to greet his son, and back to the base.

    I was the first person, besides his wife, that ever heard the story.

    And I'm the guy who fired high expert on qualification day by visualizing that same Drill Instructor spread-eagled on the target uprights, and I aimed in on his belt buckle.

    I didn't even feel the lumps I received when he asked me, how I, a city slicker, could shoot so well.

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