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    VA Form 26-1880

    Greetings from Oregon, the shower me state. Well, I'm in the process of a second try at buying a house and I seemed to have submitted my original COE to the mortgage company on a home that fell through. I've prepared a replacement 26-1880 and my question is is there a more local to Oregon mailing address for these forms?
    I've seen addresses in North Carolina and Georgia but nothing closer yet.
    Thanks and a lift of the helmet for any help on this.


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    Well it turned out that the mortgage company was mistaken that the VA only needed my DD 214. They also wanted my DD256 (discharge papers) and NAVMC 118 & 796 showing years of service and points accumulated (I had over 400).
    All worked out now though and on to the next phase. and got the COE

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