Opinions on my tattoo?
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    Opinions on my tattoo?

    Hi Marines, I would like the opportunity to describe my tattoo and see what you think my waiver chances are. First and foremost, it is a Japanese dragon that takes up the majority of my left pectoral. It is just slightly under my collarbone (about half an inch). It has a kanji symbol in it that translates to "prevail" I got it in tribute to my father who passed away when I was 16. The tattoo is not gang related and only symbolizes good things. I was at MEPS and it does not show in PT gear and only slightly shows in a khaki Charlie with no undershirt worn. I was told it was a MCRC waiver and that it'd likely take between 2-3 weeks to hear an answer.

    I want to add more if you Marines would kindly consider this information. I got an additional 3 professional character references, all said great things about me. My ASVAB was an 87,I am also signing a reserve contract with what my recruiter said, was an "in demand MOS" (MAGTF planning specialist 0511) I did well above average on my IST and my recruiter, as well as one sergeant at MEPS thought my "why I want to be a Marine statement" was extremely motivating and well written. This is my only waiver, and with all of the previous information included, will that be taken in consideration for deciding on my waiver. I am only assuming that it has a fair chance since they are spending their valuable time to attempt to get me through.

    Thank you Marines!

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    Have patience. You will know in 2-3 weeks. But a little warning, you may be the only person who sees the "only good things" within your tat. Those who grant waivers may not see it as such. I have heard of a lot weird reasons for waivers not going through so I say 50/50.

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    IMG_0365.jpg for anybody wanting to see the tattoo. Here it is. I feel so foolish for having this done now, but I am not going to fret over something that is not in my control. However, Id love more opinions on the matter. I certainly hope that my ASVAB and IST along with the other material can show them I will be an asset to the Marine Corps.

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    you're sure you dont have an EYEBALL inside a Triangle, ontop a Pyrimid ?????

    What a shame" GRASSHOPPER", we woulda had a thread for you .

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    Not sure why it would be a problem if it isnt visible in PT gear, and you WILL NOT be wearing Chucks with out a white-t. But, these days who knows.

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    I agree Sergeant Yates. I have a hard time grasping the "wanting to maintain professional appearance" when technically you could wear a dress shirt with no undershirt. I think that would look far less professional than any tattoo, but of course I don't make the rules. Thank you for your insight though. Hopefully all goes well.

    A side question for any Marines here, will the region commander (I believe that is where my waiver is heading) actually consider all of my other credentials that are in my packet? or will just the pictures be looked at? I will assume it is going to a man who is very concerned with getting quality recruits through, with all of my references, scores, etc...I just cannot see how this tattoo would get me denied, given the fact it will always be covered. Thanks again.

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    Here's a private reply I just received. Wanted to put this up here in case there are any others in my position who want more:

    Being that I’m just a poolee, I can’t answer in your thread about your tattoo, but I can give you some food-for-thought based on what I went through.

    I have a tattoo of an eagle on my leg. I got it because I’m an Eagle Scout. I scored high on my IST, got a 95 on the asvab, and have a squeaky clean record. Originally they thought my hand could cover it, but when I was at MEPS they told me that I was “squeezing my skin together” and needed a waiver.

    Like you, I was told it would only take a few days. After that few days I got a call that it was gonna go another level higher, then a few weeks later another level higher, and it just kept dragging out longer and longer. I had to do the written statements, get references, and have a phone interview with a Capt outta NH (I live in MA). Eventually it got to whatever CG it needed to, he looked over all my “green weights” (clean record, Eagle Scout, all that good stuff working for me) and signed off on the waiver. It took just shy of 6 MONTHS for what I was originally told would be taken care of in a week.

    This is just a heads-up for ya that it could be a very long road ahead. I can’t promise you that it will get approved, but if you’ve got the motivation and good things backing you up, keep working and you should be able to get it. Keep in close touch with your recruiter and have him bug your OPSO for updates to try to get it pushed through as quickly as possible.

    I wish you the best of luck and I hope that your wait will only take the couple weeks. Keep me updated!

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    To those who have given their input, and to those that view this thread in the future. My tattoo waiver was approved this afternoon! It was a nerve wracking wait, but I am so pumped! I can only believe that my other credentials (ASVAB, references, etc) are what really pushed it. For what it is worth, if any of you are stuck in a similar place, I would be more than happy to talk about how the waiver process went for me! I will be leaving for MCRDSD within a month.

    Again, thank you all who have provided their input on this thread.

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