Camp Foster, Okinawa
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    Camp Foster, Okinawa

    Hello to all out there,

    Well, we drive our son (our Marine) to Raleigh the 27th to prepare for his flight to Seattle, then Okinawa.

    Does anyone have recon on what is there as far as living quarter's (for single male Marine's)?
    Will he need a good laptop? If so, how "good"? (i5 or i7 processor?)
    We know he'll need to buy an oversea's phone there.
    Internet? WiFi or hardline (I've read most of Japan is fiber-optic).
    Game console with game's a realistic thing to bring?
    DVD's? Or is the T.V. "shared" in the quarters?
    How is "Skyping" from there? Or VOIP via Facebook?

    Thanks for all and any info on this.

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    Wow I couldn't tell you everything is way more advanced when I was there but now that was 1975-1976, Good Luck,Semper Fidelis.

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    He'll have all the amenities Marines have here stateside.

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    JClarke- I just got back from my visit to Okinawa last night, we stayed on Camp Foster for several nights. I think Foster is one of the better locations in Okinawa, you can access off base restaurants and stores walking. My fiance has hardline internet at Schwab, but Foster could be different. The base has a large PX and American restaurants with access to most of things you would have at home. We use Skype most days and it works great he also has a cell phone for on-island use. The PX builing actually has a cell phone store (AU).

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    Wish I could help but it was 1977 when I was in Okinawa at Camp Schwab. Good luck to You.

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    Wouldn't he be better buying electronic gear over there ???
    We didn't have sales taxes in the PX facilities way back when ...

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    I wish I could help out. I was stationed at Camp Foster for most of my tour on Oki. But...that was 74/75. I'm sure a little has changed since then. I had to use the MARS line in order to get free calls home back then. The 'ville is right outside the main gate. The PX & theatre are not far. There are a lot of places to explore. I would suggest that he take in all of the scenery while there. There are other places to explore...but I guess he can find that on his own. Semper Fi...

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