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Sgt Hollon & Recruit Parrish

Added by jinelson
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Sgt Hollon & Recruit Parrish

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Poolee Matt Windhams Resting Place  Sgt Hollon & Recruit Parrish  John Wayne

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  1. #1
    Stanley Hroszow 05:44 PM
    Stanley Hroszow
    Sgt. sweating bullets. Marine cool.
  2. #2 Barret
    Re: Sgt Hollon & Recruit Parrish
    ........Just Glancing at that picture makes the hair on the back of my head stand up .....Less than two years till I Enlist.
  3. #3 Pialphamu
    Re: Sgt Hollon & Recruit Parrish
    Am I just weird, I still think that is sexy!! LOL
  4. #4 jimbob17755
    how did this picture find it's way out of the squad bay and onto a web site?
  5. #5 trailrider
    i think its sweet
  6. #6 menglish227
    Re: Sgt Hollon & Recruit Parrish
    can't wait to stand in line less than 2 years till I go...... simper fi
  7. #7 ssgtt32
    looks like the PVT is trying Siht a golden brick! got to love it!
  8. #8 cwood
    Did anyone notice the real reason why he ****ting a brick is because he gave the DI an unsafe weapon. Look at selector switch.
  9. #9 cwood
    May be it has been some time since I did inspection arms when you get the weapon back you make it safe?
  10. #10 Gusty
    ooh, wow I totally used this on my powerpoint project loved it, my dad is enlisting me as soon as I get out of high school he's so proud to have another devil dog in the family even though im a girl I can still kick @ss...
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