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Upper MAU Camp.

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Upper MAU Camp.  Upper MAU Camp.  Mindoro 1977 Echo 2/3.

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Description by Old Grunt 808

Old Grunt 808

Echo BLT 2/3 Marines at the upper MAU Camp US Naval Base Subic Bay in 1977.

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  1. #1 sarausa
    Re: Upper MAU Camp.
    This is one of the largest military camps and has many very talented people. slither io
  2. #2 salmawisoky
    Re: Upper MAU Camp.
    During that time, the MAU and its component units would have been involved in various training exercises, readiness drills, and potentially conducting patrols or security operations in the region. Specific details about the activities and experiences of Echo Company, BLT 2/3, at that particular time would require more specific information or firsthand accounts from individuals who served in that unit during that period. Drift Boss
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    Re: Upper MAU Camp.
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    Re: Upper MAU Camp.
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    Re: Upper MAU Camp.
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