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summer blues

Added by lascalahomes
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mission training 1984  summer blues  A former Marine in Iraq as a Guardsman

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  1. #1 maverickmarine
    Wow! Now that's a freakin' squared away uniform
  2. #2 Buka Man
  3. #3 Matt Bailey
    nice very nice
  4. #4 YLDNDN6
  5. #5 napalm
    Re: summer blues
    im the reson she is smiling
  6. #6 jetdoc
    Never seen dress blues looking finer on anyone.
  7. #7 Stevens444
    thats my girlfriend right there.
  8. #8 SSgt Blue
    She is my Screen Saver. My older Marines at work love her.
  9. #9 SGT7477
    Now that's skin tight.
  10. #10 Big Jim
    I remember that day...she looked back at me and smiled and winked cause we had just finished up and I sent her floating on cloud nine!!!
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