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MCRD San Diego 1967

Added by jinelson
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Me & Lt Rollin Out On Convoy  MCRD San Diego 1967  Perimeter Watch Bunker

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Description by jinelson


The grinder and quanset huts

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  1. #1 gregba02
    sure does look different then when i went through it back in i love seen these old pics...
  2. #2 William Hardy
    Re: MCRD San Diego 1967
    I was in Communications and Electronics BN going through tech and comm center school starting in September 1967 through April 1968. This picture only shows the main parade deck and classic buildings with the quansote huts. I had to live in a GP large tent due to the Vietnam rush which put a lot of Marines going through C&E BN at the time. For those that were there, It was the winter that brought snow to San Diego. Woke up freezing and found an inch of snow on the ground. It was all melted by 0900 or so. After a bit I was moved to a quansote hut with heat. Later I lived in barracks about 2/3rds the way up on the left of picture. Comm Center school was in a building outside of the quad on the far left hand corner. Those were great days.
  3. #3 sgt108
    Re: MCRD San Diego 1967
    I went thru recruit training MCRD San Diego Oct.1963 - Dec 1963 platoon 375 looking at the picture with the quanset huts and grinder brings back many fond memories it takes a Marine to understand a Marine. God bless all my fellow Marine brothers. Semper Fi.
  4. #4 Williamcameron
    Re: MCRD San Diego 1967
    I went thru recruit training MCRD August 1967. quanset huts also brought back memory's watching the civilian jet leave San Diego while doing PT. knowing we were serving our country and making it possible for those planes to fly. In 1990's my son went thru recruit training at MCRD all but two quanset huts were gone. Two closet to the south end of property by climbing tower. Stored gear in them. They had double decker barracks along the parade ground.
  5. #5 James Leitte
    Re: MCRD San Diego 1967
    Looking for Platoon numbers assigned August 03, 1967. Also, anyone that was in MCRD August 03, 1967.
  6. #6 USMC101549
    Re: MCRD San Diego 1967
    I stepped on the yellow footprints 56 years ago! 3 Aug 1967. Plt 2042
  7. #7 kanecharles
    Re: MCRD San Diego 1967
    It is a memorable and touching memory of the time you spent in C&E BN in 1967-1968. You can use time calculator to calculate the number of days, hours and minutes from that time to the present. Remember to keep that impressive memory in your heart!
  8. #8 danastjerna
    Re: MCRD San Diego 1967
    I thought this is Auschwitz, the concentration camp! In one documentary, the "war prisoners" had a t-shirt with angel number 1223 on it (1-2-2-3) back in 1940's.