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    OCS selection

    I am a first time poster here. I have currently completed my application for OCS with my OSO. Although I have begun the worrying process, my OSO said that he doesn't think that I should have a problem being selected. However, I have been reading some statements from applicants online and they've said that the competition in recent months has been incredibly intense, and also there have been people with almost perfect stats not getting selected. I was wondering if someone here could shed some light on the current selection process. I am currently in Law school and am applying for the PLC-Law contract
    These are the stats on my application

    PFT- 291 (20 pullups, 100 crunches, 19:32)
    SAT- 1200
    LSAT- 162

    So I basically have two questions. Does anyone know if these stats should be competitive this year?
    Also, does anyone have tips on how to physically get ready for OCS?
    (if accepted I would ship this summer)
    Thank you very much, and I appreciate any advice

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    I can't say this for sure but I would imagine being that you are getting a Law contract that your selection is less competitive than those going for ground and air.

    Are you an undergraduate?...or are you in actual law school?

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    From what I have been hearing, if you were trying Air you would have very little shot. A ground slot would depend upon the numbers for the area. Because you're law, there is probably a much smaller pool of competitors and generally speaking your scores should compare very favorably to those in that area.

    As was asked before, are you in law school now? Or are you an undergraduate student?

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    Law slots are very competitive because there are fewer of them. Go to Marineocs.com, register there and you'll find a lot more useful info that is pertinent to your situation... but you should be right up there with a 291 PFT.

    P.S. Congratulations on the commissioning Sir!

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    The only one who can really answer that is your OSO. It also will vary by district depending on how many slots are available and how many are going for them. What year are you in? If you're 1L or 2L and can do PLC instead of OCC your chances of selection greatly improve (you mentioned PLC in your post so I'm assuming you're a 1L or 2L). Your LSAT looks good and you have a higher PFT than I did when I was selected (although that was two years ago). Assuming you don't have any major waivers that are going to have to get processed and a decent GPA I would say you stand a very good chance of getting selected. But take that assessment for what it's worth...which is not that much.

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