I wanna become a 0621 -- Field Radio Operator ..but!!
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    I wanna become a 0621 -- Field Radio Operator ..but!!

    This recruit knows what job this recruit wants to do.... mos for 0621 -- Field Radio Operator - this is exactly what this recruit wants to do. This recruit want to be with the grunts, This recruit want to do what they do, but this recruit also want to mess with radio comms. So this job fits me perfectly.

    This recruit has been a some what long time browser, searching and finding answers to my own question. Even did research on that mos, but This recruit had a question no one asked.

    Right now this recruit am in the process of taking my ASVAB test.
    Just studying up. This recruit am a asvab retaker. This recruit took the test and didnt do so hot... Dont know why it seemed easy but whatever, apprently wasnt easy enough otherwise This recruit would have passed .. right? Right!! Anyways.

    This recruit, read up on my mos, and it requires an EL (EL -Electronics Repair, Missile Repair, Electronics and Communications -GS+AR+MK+EI ) of 90 or higher.

    This recruit, just had a question, how does that work with the asvab line scores?
    Becasue you cannot just score a 90 in one area, do you just add your line scores to reach 90 or how can this recruit see if this recruit qualify for that job?.,

    Once this recruit take the test AND PASS, if that job isnt open this recruit WILL BE picking infrantry. This recruit thinks it's selfish to say, or greedy but this recruit wants to say ive done something. This recruit want to make a change and fight for my country.

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    This Marine thinks that recruit is a retard for speaking in the third person.

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    At LEAST learn to use pronouns every once and a while. Your drill instructors are going to hate you if you keep talking like that. "This recruit didn't keeps his palms back because this recruit doesn't have any discipline in this recruit's body, sir!" Extremely irritating.

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    Calm down on the 3rd person. I sent you a PM with a link that should explain how to total your scores. Whereas you better not use 'I' in boot.... we are a bit easier to get along with here.

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    You're not no recruit until you get to MCRD.
    And try using the search bar. This is another topic that has been covered before here on Leatherneck.

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    Thank you, DrZ for the link.
    For those whom may run into this thread and have a similar question as This Recruit. Here is what you need to know....

    Source: http://www.ehow.com/how_5704932_grade-asvab.html
    How to Grade the ASVAB
    The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a test used for entrance into the U.S. military, which predicts success in military career fields. The test is graded by computer. Your recruiter will receive a printout of how well you did on each section of the test. Minimum scores are required to both gain entry into the Armed Services and to enter into a particular occupation.You can obtain a general score (raw score) from the general education portion of the test, which will tell you which services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) you can enter. You can also calculate the line score for your chosen field to see if you are qualified for that career.

    1. Find your score for each in each of the following sections from the ASVAB results sheet: General Science (GS); Arithmetic Reasoning (AR); Word Knowledge (WK); Paragraph Comprehension (PC); Numerical Operations (NO); Coding Speed (CS); Auto and Shop Information (AS); Mathematics Knowledge (MK); Mechanical Comprehension (MC) and Electronics Information (EI).
    2. Calculate your general education raw score using the following formula: (WK Score x 2) + (PC Score x 2) + (AR Score) + (MK Score) = Raw Score. For example, if the score is 15 on Word Knowledge, 10 on Paragraph Comprehension, 15 on Arithmetic Reasoning, and 20 in Mathematics Knowledge, the raw score is 90. This score tells you if you are eligible to join the military. As of 2009, the mimimum raw score required to join the Army is 31, the Marines, 32, the Navy, 35, the Coast Guard: 36, and the Air Force, 36.
    3. Choose the career you are interested in and calculate the line score by adding the results from the individual sections (from the ASVAB results sheet) together. Each of the dozens of armed services careers use different parts of the ASVAB. For example, for Army electronics careers, add GS+AR+MK+MC to get the line score, and Advanced Electronics Computer Field, add AR+MK+EI+GS to get the line score.

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    Seriously man, your not a recruit yet, your not even a poolie yet. Stop talking in the third person. It's just...weird. Just say I, and me. Only when your at MCRD do you have to use the whole "this recruit" thing. But by all means if you want to continue with it then do so. It's giving us a good laugh on the Terminal Lance forums.

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    I had boot camp flashbacks reading this thread!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by THISRecruit1 View Post
    This recruit has been a some what long time browser, searching and finding answers to my own question. Even did research on that mos, but This recruit had a question no one asked.
    MY!!! MY!! MY!!!

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    This thread gave this Sergeant this headache....

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