The Light Side Of Iraq/afganistan
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    Talking The Light Side Of Iraq/afganistan

    Now I know that combat and deployments are serious business, but there is no way any Marine can tell me there was nothing funny you saw while you were deployed. SOOO here's a little thread for everyone to leave their funny deployment stories at.

    To start it off.. I remember walking into the PX at Camp Fallujah and seeing some 1st Recon guys in there black PT gear. Now this wasn't my 1st time seeing them like this, so it wasn't unusual. This Gunney walked up to them and began to chew them out. When he was done the 1st guy asked him "Gunney, whats your MOS?" and the GySgt said "Admin Chief, why?" the recon guys both looked at each other and said "When you get your lazy ass out there and kill some Iraqi's and spend nights not knowing if you'll live, then you can come say something to us about what we wear." They paid for their stuff they were standing in line for and left. The GySgt just stood there in amazement. I swear I died inside from laughter.

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