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    My battery locker was only a few yards from the KC-130 hard landing/crash site. Met the surviving crew chief while looking at Jeep Grand Wagoneer's in a Chamblee, GA wrecking yard about 1982. We visited at his home in the mountains east of Atlanta and traded parts. His name is buried somewhere in my office notebooks. I noticed his burn scars and within minutes we were comparing notes about the July 30, 1970 crash. I recall he said another crewman wanted to take his place during a touch and go exercise so he survived.

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    Im trying to find someone that was stationed in El Toro around 78-80. His name was Lou, Lew Rossi or Luis, Lewis Rossi. He was a Marine. I do not have much info about him. Hed probably be between 60-65 years old possibly. Possible Puerto Rican or Italian decent. It is really important that I find him. Ive been looking for 16 years.. If anyone has a lead please email me or contact through here. Praying this year is the year. Thank you all for your service. Many blessing. 💪🏽

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