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    Question Fixed Wing Aircraft Mechanic 6217

    Hello Marines,
    I would like to become a Fixed Wing Aircraft Mechanic for the new F-35, F-18, Warthogs ect. I came to this forum to learn as much as I can about the job I want because I am eager to join the Corps so a recruiter might even talk me into a job I don't desire.

    I would like to know if anyone knows if I can get a specific MOS in my contract, for instance 6217 for active duty? Or do you sign an aviation contract in field 62XX OR 6XXX? I am confident I can perform the job duties that are taught to me because I have performed auto mechanical work such as putting in engines. I read somewhere that the United States Marine Corps is full and are only accepting open-contracts. Does this go for Reserves too? I am currently in my first year of college. Can I get the specific MOS in the reserves? Is training as a Reservist the same quality as active duty?

    -Thank you Marines

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    In the aviation field, you don't get to select which aircraft or level of maintenance that you will preform unless you lat moved into it. The only options you get to select from before signing your contract is: a) airframes, b) avionics, c) flightline (powerplants), d) gse (general support equitment). After you graduate from Pensacola, FL, then you'll fine out what aircraft you're on and what level of maintenance you will be doing, i.e. I-level, O-level.

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    He can also be 6672, Aviation Supply. yuuuut

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    The Marine Corps is not full. My cousin is a recruiter and I've asked him that question. However, they are being quite a bit more strict on the potential marines that they're letting in now.
    When you sign up for an aviation position, you select fixed wing (jets, cargo planes, etc.) or rotary wing (helicopters) and the field you want (since you want a maintenance position, you'll be selecting either power plants, airframes, or avionics) so you have a little bit of an idea on what you'll be working on but you won't know the exact aircraft until you get orders to your A-school after you finish MCT.

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    Ok I was a 6227 got out of that field in 08 for a 6842 MOS. when you sign you get an AF option which is airframes, powerplants, gse, ejection seat/parachute guys, and ordnance. then when you get to school you can ask specifics. for example when i got to school i asked for jets I-level(ovehaul engines) east coast. still did not get to pick aircraft. i ended up getting f404(f/a-181 engines) I level overseas to MCAS Iwakuni. 6217 is the same but o-level. basically how it works is when the 17's cant keep the engine running or it gets to time they send it to the 27's. works same for all engine types cept the new c-130 and the f-35 when we get them as the engines are still under factory warantee.

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    Yeah there is also an Ordnance shop there ABrevik. If your ordnance on the Cobra you will work you ass off and damn near be an Avi guy. LOTS of troubleshooting. So you want to be flightline? You must be a glutton for punishment, tow crew up! Being tow crew on a bird that doesn't have wheels sucks. All of this is from the perspective of a rotor guy, where you could easily wind up. Flightline works more than anybody, especially the nuggets. Think 13 to 16 hour days. I am not kidding. I have no idea what their I level does but honestly I think O level knows more about the birds. At least on the chopper flightline. The really detailed work gets done by civilians anyway.

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    I don't think any new students are getting F-35 orders yet. I think they are putting more experienced Marines on them. I wanted to work on AV-8B's then get transferred to the F-35 (I am an Ejection Seat mech) I know that a lot of orders have been for C-130's and MV-22's. And that is for Airframes and my job, Airframes just filled up a lot of I level orders and my job is hurting for C-130 mechs. But if you do become a Marine and are in the aviation field you will have the "option" to choose orders but the orders are based off of what the Corps needs, so by time you go through F-35's may be available but that really depends on how many we have and if the mechs are needed.

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    Right now for the f-35's they are indeed taking Marines from "like" MOS's. if you look up the FY10 SRB they have a section of like MOS's that can go into the 35's. Also i was f-18 I level worked in Mals-12 in Iwakuni and because they have no manpower so we worked 13+ hours then in Mals-11 on Miramar we worked 10 hours with 1 hour chow in Iwakuni our gunny had timed how long it took to walk to chow eat and walk back was about 25-30 mins and thats all we got lol

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