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    It's a tragedy that even actual vets have to make up stuff about their enlistments. And even more sad that they still manage to get caught. You'd think someone with prior service would at least be able to lie in a convincing way, but thank God they apparently can't.

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    is what I felt like doing when I read the alleged citations this friggin clown wrote for himself. " On no less than seven occasions

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    Frank J Visconi

    Its indeed too bad that this individual who as an honorably discharged USMC Vietnam Veteran has elected to award himself a Bronze Star w/V and a Purple Heart. Neither of these awards are in the official Navy/USMC records.

    You can read about him on

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    Visconi loses final court case! Link to Judgement:

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    There's always going to be jerk offs who try and pose. Whats more disturbing to me is not only was the Stolen Valor Act repealed butthe justification under which the decision was made. "...unconstitutional abridgment of the freedom of speech under the First Amendment." So now it's freedom of speech to represent having been awarded a medal you never received. I wonder if they'd feel the same way if someone "awarded" themselves a government check for a few million. No wonder half our veterans now have PTSD, half the nation doesn't appreciate them.

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    If a site administrator views these comments, could you please contact me? This is in regard to a "Stolen Valor" article posted unknowingly by a site member from a local newspaper article. I can not find a way to contact you.

    Thank You

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