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    Taylor Swift

    Who's a fan? She's hot.

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    She was the secret pleasure of our platoon in the stan. Me and my buddy use to sing "Fearless" when doing team pt competitions. and yes, i am ashamed.

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    Don't be. My company used to sing "Love story" together and some Aerosmith. Lol.

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    I Really thought when She did that Jam Live in that Black Dress and they made it Rain on Her and She did Her thing was pretty Tight She's a very Talented Young Lady

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    my wife keeps telling me that Taylor Swift is my girlfriend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Komenko View Post
    my wife keeps telling me that Taylor Swift is my girlfriend.
    Now, why would she say that

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    Yeah that Jonas brother was a tard for letting this pretty little woman go!

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    That is some sweet, hot pu$$y, and, yes, I am a dirty 'old' man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sally View Post
    Now, why would she say that
    lol don't you dare shame me out from liking her music and good looks!

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    Lol, from her songs, I'm guessing she was that type of annoying chick back in high school.

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    Triple blonde punch, thats hott!

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    Just as hot as a brunette!

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    I think she'll be boring, but whatever ya like I guess....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangovictor87 View Post
    she should do porn
    lol......NO. why would she do that when she makes more money with a music career!

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