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    I head up to MEPS on Monday/Tuesday with my ASVAB being Monday night. I scored a 93 on the practice test and an 86 when they had everyone take it during my sophomore year of high school, so I'm not sweating that.

    I almost went to MEPS for the Air Force, but I was looking for the wrong types of jobs in a technically-dominated branch. A good buddy of mine recently left for boot camp for the Marines and I looked into it some and decided that's exactly what I want to do. The challenge, the pride, everything about the Marines is what I was looking for.
    Now the things I was wanting to ask about:
    - I told the recruiter I was very interested in Infantry/Security Forces or maybe MP MOS. They called and said my trip to MEPS was delayed a day (no biggie) and that there were no Infantry openings so they found me a job on a helicopter flight crew as a gunner.
    I can't find any information on the specific MOS this would make me and it's not a decent hour to call my recruiter. Mainly I don't want to be stuck with something that is going to be primarily a mechanic job. So I was also wondering if I'd be able to change this at MEPS if it ends up being something I don't want. They already informed me that I'll be able to change before boot camp should an opening be available.

    End of WOT

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    If you left the AF to join the USMC in the MOS's of either infantry/security forces or MP, why then are you looking at the flight crew MOS?

    You need to stick to your plan and don't take any job just because it is tossed at you. This is your life and you are in charge of it. If you want a certain job and it is not available right now, then learn to wait for it.

    Always assume that whatever job you sign for will be the one you ship out with. No matter what the recruiters tell you, or what may of happened to other poolees, there are no guarantees that you can change your job later on down the road.

    If you have doubt that you may not like this job, then don't sign for it.

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    I'm willing to wait but there's also the possibility that I might be interested in the job, I just can't find any information saying that's an actual, specific MOS. That's why I came here.

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    Sounds like Crew Chief to me. If you don't want it, wait...or you're be stuck with something you'll probably hate. Not sure on the rest...

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    Quote Originally Posted by durtydawg View Post
    I'm willing to wait but there's also the possibility that I might be interested in the job, I just can't find any information saying that's an actual, specific MOS. That's why I came here.

    I'm sure there are some helo wing wipers out there who know best, but the last time I checked, helo gunners were either the crew chief and/or other flight qualified mechanics who flew to man guns.

    To the best of my knowledge there are no plain Jane "door gunners" in the Corps. Every enlisted who flies as flight crew is also a wrench bender.

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    I signed the contract for the Enlisted Aircrew/AG job and will swear in in December.
    Instead of making a new thread, I figured I'd bump this and ask how much I just got my potential jobs decreased by failing my depth perception test.
    My recruiter was concerned, but the Liaison told me not to worry about it.

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    I know you cannot be Motor T and Infantry with no depth perception. But that test at MEPS doesn't really matter, considering I failed the one at MEPS, and took a different depth perception test at an eye doctor, and passed with no problem. Hell, they still stuck me with Motor T even though on my records it said I have no depth perception.

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