Aircraft Rescue Personnel
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    Aircraft Rescue Personnel

    Hello, I just finished my processing at MEPS for the Marine Corps. My AFQT was 61 and my GT was 102. It is now up to me to decide on a MOS. I was real interested in the job Aircraft Rescue Personnel. I did a search on this site before posting this and did not find any information, so any information will be much appreciated. My recruiter gave me a list of Marine Corps MOS's and I pretty much qualified for the entire list except for a few, but he showed me this job and told me about it and it sounded like something I would enjoy. Does anyone have any good advice about this MOS?

    Any information is much appreciated, thank you.

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    Just keep this in mind. What you qualified for and what's available is a different story. Make sure what you want is available for you. You can put 3 MOS's on the dream sheet and they all can come back disapproved due to non availability. Good luck

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