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    Drill Instructor reunion................

    I was lucky enough to be invited to a Drill Instructors reunion in May, Saw Jed Bush's son graduate that Friday and the emotion when asked for all Marine vets to raise their hands was truly a great feeling.
    I did walk Panama street to the exact spot my old barracks stood 43 years before !
    It now has a clothing dispensing bldg, and right across the street ( to the right ) was an old brick bldg that had just the cinder block foundations the morning I left the Island 10-31-68 ( It is/was the motivational plt. bldg ) the old Grey bldg's in front of my old barracks were still there, I did go to Elliot's beach for a get together with former D.I.'s and present D.I.'s they actually are human ( Ha Ha ).
    It was a " bucket List " experience for sure, I will be going to Lejuene and eventually Pendleton to complete list.
    Oh and perhaps Australia Too !!

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    Great post. Brings back good, fun, painful, horrible memories. Thanks brother.

    Semper Fi.

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    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. When i was their in '93 the white buildings were still around and used for administrative purposes. Recruits lived in the brick buildings.

    Is it possible to get onto the base as a civilian without being an invited attendee to see a graduation ceremony?

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    My boot camp experience from 1988

    The Corps has change a lot since I entered back in 1988. I recently read a post where a DI found the blog of one of his recruits. All I could think was Wow! Things really have changed. I recently shared a post on how Marine Corps boot camp changed my life. I think you guys will really like. Check it out here: http://www.presidentspilotsentrepren...montezuma.html

    Semper Fi...

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    Thank you for your excellent story. I liked it so much that I would like your permission to expand it and edit it to reflect my boot camp experience. Let me know if that is okay by writing to me at brady@catskinner-brady.com. When I am done with the final product, I will email you a PDF for your own use. Semper Fi!

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    I went in the Marines, in 04/27/54, and I was never sorry that I did, they took a boy and made a man out of me, I was sorry later on in life that I didn't make a career out of it, my last duty station was Camp LeJeune North Carolina, Base M.P.

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