Hope I'm not UA
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Thread: Hope I'm not UA

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    Hope I'm not UA

    Whew I made it..hope the 1sgt didnt see me slide into formation.
    Glad to see the site is back up and running. I had a little trouble logging in but I made it

    Semper Fi

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    Welcome Aboard Bro...

    ...Glad you remembered your land nav skills and were able to find you way to the remodeled barracks.

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    Hey why does it say I'm a non-nco member?

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    Post As an Incentive For Folks To Participate...

    ...You'll get promoted the more you post. Not sure of the exact thresh-holds, I think 25 gets you promoted to NCO Member, 100 gets you promoted to Senior NCO Member, etc.

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    Man...down to a pvt again...hope I dont get stuck with mess duty

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    Arrow I Think You're Safe For Now Bro...

    ...We've got enough non-rates to cover mess duty for a while. Watch out for my Sister moderators LadyLeatherneck & CAS3 though, they're liable to try sticking you with some sorta dirty duty

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    Cool Welcome Aboard

    Welcome Back

    It great to see you made it back aboard
    Don't worry we have other people in mind for mess duty
    So fall into formation, and get working on making some of good posts that we have seen. Moving up in the ranks is what we want.....So drop and give me 20, so get moving.
    Remember when you get promoted to always stop in the Slope Shute for some drinks..there is always something happening there..The first drink is on me

    Welcome again



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    Glad you made it Bloodstripe.

    Covered for ya long as I could. 1st Sgt was getting supicious! Soon's roll call is done, let's slide outta here and grab a drink, 'fore they put us to policin' the friggin' grounds again! LOL

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    Glad to see you could finally join us!
    You had been missed in formation however, I covered your 6 and told TOP you had diarrehia!!

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