looking for marines from platoon 3013...san diego....1976
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    Cool looking for marines from platoon 3013...san diego....1976

    i would like to hear from marines who were in platoon 3013....or marines who went to military police school at fort mcclellan alabama in 1976.....also any marines who were stationed at quantico va. from 76-80....i was in security battalion....i was an mp brig guard and cross country chaser

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    Yes, I was in Platoon 3013 during boot camp from February to May 1976 under Gunnery Sergeant Stromeyer and Staff Sergeant Joyner.

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    So was I

    I too was in Platoon 3013 with Sgt Joyner, SsgtStrohmeyer, and Sgt Aho. Graduation was May 5th. Anyone out their have any photos of our Platoon Graduation? My graduation book got stolen about 15yrs ago when my car was broken into.

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    1976 Platoon 3013

    Pvt Monfort Reporting from Graduation Day May 5th. 1976 Platoon 3013. Anyone have any Photos or Leads as to Where to find a Graduation Book? Tried going to Acrchives but apparently all 1976 records got Burned from some Fire or Something. I contacted Larson (house mouse) Up in Northern California a Few years back, has a Photography studio or something and asked him the Same Question and he said he was Going to Get back with me, but Never did, i contacted him a few times afterwards, but never got a return reply.

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    I graduated with you. It's been a long time. Somewhere in the house, I have a Graduation Book and would be happy to photocopy it for you. As I recall it's only about 50-pages. It's a small book. Let me know.

    God, it's great hearing from someone who was there.

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    1976 Platoon 3013

    good to hear from you, and if i Remember correctly, did you wear Glasses?

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    No, probably didn't standout at the time. But, still think about that time in Platoon 2013 all the time. Hard to believe we're coming up on 50-years soon.

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