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    Question Specific Prior-Service ?'s

    I want to re-enlist into Active Duty status. I've read nearly all the posts on here I can find (I think) dealing with prior-service and have a couple questions. My concerns are... 1. DEPENDANTS... I have 2 children. They do NOT live with me and I do NOT have custody of them. I am NOT married, but DO pay child support. Will that be an obstacle? 2. MY VISION... When on active duty I suffered an eye injury and have reduced vision in one eye. My vision in that eye IS within the stated standards for enlistment (I even fired Expert on the rifle range after this incident) and the Navy doctor (real doctor, not Corpsman) saw this in my med-chart during my final physical and made no fuss over it. I've read some things on here about MEPS doctors trying to fail PSEPers. Do they? 3. THE NEW TATTOO REGS... I have 11 tattoos (all documented on my exit physical) BUT the only one visible in PT gear is on my calf and is about 4" x 4" and is non-offensive to Marine Corps standards.
    I'm not a lame-@ss trying to get back in because I'm unemployed and have nothing left to fall back on. I make a good living working for the State Department Of Corrections. But I miss The Corps very badly and find myself day-dreaming about being back in. I will do anything required to get back in (i.e. lat-move, lose ALL my stripes, take ANY duty station, go Reserve then augment into AD status etc.) but my local recruiter doesn't seem interested in helping too much. I'd even go back to Parris Island again if they told me to! Here are some of my stats for informational purposes...

    -Enlistment Date: 25 May, 1999 -EAS Date: July 2003 -MOS: 1371 (Combat Engineer) -Rank At Time Of EAS: E-4 -DD-214 Re-Enlistment Code: RE-1A -Current Age: 28 -No civilian criminal history, no USMC negative Page-11 Entries, no NJP's, lifetime 1st class PFT's and Expert rifle-range scores. I still run a 1st class PFT and am well within weight standards.

    The Marine Corps is what I dreamed of all my life. I was on Parris Island 2 days after I graduated from high school! The local recruiter asked "If you loved it so much, why did you get out?" I gave up my career for a girl. I know, I know... "If the Marine Corps wanted you to have a girl they would have issued you one." Hindsight is 20/20. Any info that anybody can give me would be GREATLY appreciated, even if it's just the number for a good PSEP recruiter, and if there ARE posts on here that address these issues, I guess I missed 'em; sorry.

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    Contact SSgt. Gordon at 503-286-3962, he is a prior service recruiter. Right now active duty is closed out as far as I know. Your best bet would be to get into the reserves and then try to obtain an active duty billet somewhere. SSgt. Gordon has been hooking prior service Marines up with active duty billets on a regular basis. Your only real problem might be your tattoo on your leg due to it being exposed while wearing pt gear. Other than that I think you should be fine just shoot SSgt Gordon a call on Monday and he will be able to get you headed in the right direction. Good Luck!

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    Thanks for the info about SSgt Gordon ritter, I'll call him on Monday. One question you raised... Are PSEP re-enlistments done forever, or just for the fiscal year? I can wait until October, but if it's done for good, I'm screwed and think I might cry!

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    I think its only a fiscal year thing. You should be fine and tell SSgt. Gordon that I sent you.

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    Will do Sgt. Thanks a million. Semper Fi!

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