Who loves PT!?
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Thread: Who loves PT!?

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    Who loves PT!?

    Have you all been going to PT? If you are, great! If you haven't, shame, SHAME! I love my PT. My Recruiter loves it too. He's in infantry, so we are probably getting the best workout that we're able to. He's motivated and dedicated to get us ready. He is freaking awesome! Our PT usually consists of running from the office to the theater at the outside edge of town (2.8 miles), or running (or marching) on a trail (anywhere from 2-4 miles); it also consists of pyramid pull-ups (up to 5 usually); Marine Corps Daily Seven; and some other random exercise that our recruiter thinks is necessary. I LOVE PT! You should definitely enjoy it (while you can). It's not only fun, but's it's also good for you!

    PS - 3 months and 2 weeks left to go!

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    wish my recruiter was quite as motivated lol. I think he only cares about putting more kids in, and its funny how he gave the speach to my parents i'll help your son get prepared mentally and physically for recruit training =P. I leave august 4th and he still hasnt given me the papers so I can get on base and workout by myself, so I been doin PT everyday around my neighborhood

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    What a shame that your recruiter doesn't put more effort into preparing you. But you are getting yourself ready by doing PT anyway. Good for you! You're also showing that you have the initiative to do things even when others won't push you to do them. Rock on. Good luck at PI. What am I saying? You will make it! Who needs luck!?

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    Originally posted by young_dog19
    Good luck at PI. What am I saying? You will make it! Who needs luck!?
    Thanks alot . Times ticking down gettin a little nervous lol. But im excited and motivated as hell.

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    Keep that motivation. As my recruiter would say: it's the only thing that'll keep you going!

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    haha only thing i hear from my recruiter "You have reached the voice mail of Sgt... " lol =P

    funny story is when im in the recruiting office for the first time my recruiters boss calls and hes like "did you sell the kid yet" I shouldve known how great my experience with the recruiters were going to be then

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    Shame you don't live in Missouri. We go and do all kinds of fun things together with all the recruiters from our district. IST's, paintball, repelling. This weekend we're playing "Capture the Flag."

    PS- Funny story as well: My nickname is "quota guy."

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    we usually have a poolee function once a month, in June we played football for about 15-20 min then went home

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    Wow. That's all I can say. Gunny would never allow that. He would say, "You want to be Marines? Then you're gonna work for it!" or something to that effect. Anyways, why don't talk in the chat room? It would be easier than waiting 3-4 mins for each other to post.

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    yea thats cool that you have a recruiter that does that much for you. my recruiter does his best to help get my job and for me to get my ship date but pt wise he doesn't do much i have to keep myself in shape. i took my ist 2 days ago and passed so i am ready to leave on aug 4th also.

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    sweet. keep going with that attitude and you'll go far!

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    Outstanding Womack. You shipping to PI or SD. PI for me Aug. 4th

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    There are some excellent recruiters in the Marine Corps. But, you can't blame your recruiter all the time. His main function is to get people into the Marine Corps. IF it is difficult for him to reach his mission numbers, then he will have to spend more time with people that may enlist, and less time wigh those that have. Tat being said, you don't need a recruiter to PT. You won't have one with you in the fleet, so you may as well get used to doing it on yuor own now. Running is something you don't need a base for. The daily seven requires no equipment. Push ups, sit ups, leg lifts, and all the other wonderful body weight exercises are free.

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    Excellently said, and very true!

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    Thumbs up

    Physical Training and Fitness should be life long.
    Many on leaving the service, left that go by the wayside.
    Years later they're paying for not doing anything to stay in shape.
    It's hard to get self motivated but a comittment to your well being should improve that self motivation.
    I'm leaving soon to go workout on the 440 track at a middle school.
    I do a mile worth of lunges and I ride my mountain bike about 6 miles or more.
    Not bad for a 62 year old man.
    It took my wife getting after me for letting myself go.
    To get motivated again.
    If a recruiter is not available, than you have to do it yourself.
    Push-ups, running, and pull-ups are some of the main thing needed.
    Build upper body strenght.
    Is the way to go.

    Go for it, it worth a lifetime.

    Not many can claim the title of a United States Marine...

    Semper Fidelis

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