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    Hey, I'm glad i ran across this thread! I just finished BC (MCRD-SD) And am now on 14 days of RA (given in BC not requested). My RA orders stated my MOS as a 6200 which i now know to be Fixed wing, I report to MCT on the 23rd of June. Which means I'll be completing it around the 21st of July. What i was wanting to find out is how long i would be in P'kola, which by reading this i seeing a long stay ahead. do you know about how long the wait is currently? and does anyone have an idea of when i'll be able to find out my last 2 digits? I am trying to find out where my "C" schol will be if i have one.
    Thank you for all the info thus far
    PFC Shinsel

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    Congrats PFC Shinseldr. Hope boot was a blast and enjoy your leave.

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    Well, My Ship Date is in October and my recruiter told me that I had a high score on my ASVAB Test, so he wanted me to be an Aviation mechanic and I thought it was Ok. i put security force prp as My first choice but we changed it to Aviation Mechanic. I wanted to know How you guys like it So far and any suggestions or other advice for me before I make my mos decision?

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    To the Private First Class's and Corporal,

    What security clearance did you need to have to be accepted to get your MOS?

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    I don't think you need one. This is the job that I wanted and am waiting to find out if I got it. My recruiter never said anything about needing a clearence.

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    I was reading on About.com (the military section) that certain jobs require a "Secret" security clearance. But i believe thats more of the Crewchiefs and or power plant systems. I should be good though.

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    I know 2 Marines personally in Aviation one being a Corporal and the other a Sergeant. While talking to one of them I remember him telling me he had to get a Secret Security clearance before or during MOS in Pensacola?, he had a few minor run ins with the law and he was able to get one no problem. He is also currently deployed

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    thanks guys. i was looking for almost all of this info and couldnt find a definate answer. i got several friends in the core already and i got several more going in with me. scott, clay, and me are all have AM as our MOS but we got to finish high school first so itll be a while before we get there.

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    Aviation School

    I'm told that I will be going to Pensacola, FL for my MOS training is this true or no. And also how long will the training be?
    Also because I am married will my wife be able to move to Florida with me.

    Poole Sterger
    Ship Date-20100125 but post poned because of a dependency waver that didn't get filed so I will be leaving sometime this week
    MCRD-San Diego

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    What's the name off of the base?

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