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    Missing Out

    Im sure every Marine has a experience a time or two in there career, where they wanted to do something that the rest of there unit was doing. When it comes down to a certain part of training, deployment, event etc, that a Marine whats to participate in. He/She might have orders to do something else, sick, hurt or whatever the situation might be. For me the one thing that I missed out on when I was in the Marine Corps. Was while at Camp Wilson up north in Virgina doing our annuall infantry training event. My entire Company went to the pistol range to qualify with the 9mm. Then aftarwards they all when over to Washington DC. At the time I was the brand new PFC in the company so I got put on Firewatch duty at the barracks. Now im not upset over the whole ordeal I think all in all it made me a better Marine. When I look back on it I would have taken the pistol qualification, and gave up the trip to D.C. I ended up being the only Marine in the Company that wasn't pistol qualified, but hey its the nature of the Marine Corps. I am curious to know what stories you guys had on something that you missed out on due to rank, time in service, etc. Semper Fi.

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    The one thing I wish I would have been able to finish was getting my flight crew wings. I was attempting to get my AO (aerial observer) wings with HMM-262. Originally I got involved in the program just because I loved flying, so I really didn't bust my butt to finish everything (put the swim qual off). In the end I ETS'd with very little needed to have earned my wings.

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    I wish there had been some way for me to fly an F18!

    zoom zoom zoom

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    Went I got recalled from IRR to AD in 2003 it was looking like I might get the 3 jumps I needed for my gold wings. Then II MEF finally figured out what I was recalled for and I was sent to Iraq.

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