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Thread: Guadalcanal

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    Hey all.
    I know I've kinda strayed from the Poolee hall, but I've got a question. I'm wondering if there are any Marines on that were part of the 1st Marine Division on Guadalcanal. My Grandfather was a Marine with the 1stDiv on Guadalcanal, and I'm wondering if anyone either knew him or knew what it was like. My grandfather talked about it fleetingly but my mother never liked him talking about war to me when I was little, and once I got more of age, he passed away to cancer, a disease doing what his enemies couldn't. He was a Marine through and through and I'd be honored to talk with other former Marines of the WWII era.


    Poolee Matthew P. Sullivan

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    There's a few of those ol' boys around, but they don't post much.

    Ya might have to be patient.

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    Dad was with the 2nd Mar Div on the canal. Apparently the one regiment of the 2nd was lost in the history books.

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    My great uncle, John Papineau, served with the 1st Marine Division on New Britian and Peleliu. He was killed on Okinawa. His unit was E/2/5. I have been searching the Internet and asking any man that looks to be in his 70's if he ever served in WWII. I have found once a they know that a young person is interested in their story, they'll open up and talk. Keep searching they'll come to you if you just keep asking.

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    The first MarDiv. were relieved of duty in December of 42 when the 2nd MarDiv. & and the 25th Inf.Div. (USA) took over. The first returned to Melbourne awaiting the next call which was Cape
    Gloucester. Howeve many of the 1st had to be evacuated to Auckland Army Hospital in October/November with Malaria, until they were fit for duty and then rejoined the 1st. Although it was considered a mopping up the 2nd and 25th had a rough time
    of it and it was certainly not a mopping up process. Semper Fi Gene

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