National "buy A Gun" Day May Have Been A Flop, But...
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    National "buy A Gun" Day May Have Been A Flop, But...

    In NW Arkansas it has made an impact.

    The ads I ran have gotten attention. Gun owners and prospective buyers went into area gun shops asking "What's this all about?"

    The local ABC TV affiliate got wind of it and ran a lead story last night. Following is link to Channel 40/29 site with both written story and video of the broadcast story. The gun shop employee they interviewed did an EXCELLENT job, and the news people did not try to make gun owners look like idiots or misrepresent any of our positions.

    One dealer told me this afternoon that their sales today far exceeded the norm for middle-of-the-month Tuesdays. This in addition to the huge increases in sales that all dealers have seen since Election Day. (And a couple of dealers told me their sales were about what they have been seeing every day lately.)

    Further, and this is a huge thing as far as I am concerned, a LOT of people I have spoken to are interested in joining an area RKBA organization. I am about to bring a small group together to form one.

    NOW, FOR THOSE WHO BAD-MOUTH IDEAS LIKE THIS, If you have a better idea, run with it. Or, just give a try with the ideas that others put forth. Damn it, if you expect to sit on your asses and let someone else do the heavy lifting, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR RIGHTS, AND WE WILL HAVE TO FIGHT IF WE WANT THEM BACK.

    YOU--Become the person in YOUR area who is making things move. Don't wait for "the other guy" to get things going.

    This is neither a "Marine" issue, nor a "civilian" issue. It is an issue that ought to be of concern to ALL who believe in the United States of America continuing to be the beacon of freedom to the world. And ESPECIALLY, to all those who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution. I never revoked my oath, did you? Mods, move this to the "political" forum if you must, but there are 10 times the viewers here.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    I did my gun buying in the summer, when prices were still rational and I just received my tax refund check.

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