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    Quick ?, I want to be A United States Marine, can I make my own definitions of A United States Marine and obey them cause they could be what Make A United States Marine...... this is what motivates me is cause if I define A United States Marine, then I'll follow the traits that I have tied to the title United States Marine.??

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    You don't define a Marine; that has already been done... The Marines define you!

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    Bring a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn and my Beloved Corps will create you into the Marine the Corps needs to strengthen the command structure and the Corps as a whole. This way is how the Corps has historically been and that way will keep the Corps the tip of the spear as the defenders of our country as well as the champions of those who are in need.

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    Thomas A Goodwin - Marine - 08/04/1922 to 06/12/2014

    Quote Originally Posted by chriso10 View Post
    My Uncle Tom Goodwin, served in the Marines WWII in the Pacific campaign. He is now a young 91 years old. Living near Portland, Oregon not far from his oldest daughter Marsha. Attachment 25854
    Thomas A Goodwin Marine died 06/12/2014.

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    Looking for my old Senior Drill Instructor. Staff Sergeant Brown. Hotel Company Platoon 2055. MCRD 1997.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liamconnor View Post
    Looking for my old Senior Drill Instructor. Staff Sergeant Brown. Hotel Company Platoon 2055. MCRD 1997.
    Dark Green Marine. Slim build. About 5'7. Does that sound like him? If so, he was our "transfer in" D.I. when I went through at MCRD in 1988.

    Uh... I just did the numbers. 10 years as a D.I. ...I don't think it could have been him.

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    Negative, Light green, muscular build, stood around 6'1.

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    Yo from NJ

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    Semper Fi Till I Die! Though I was wronged I am still faithful to the Corps and willing to throw down with my fellow brothers and sisters. Once a Marine always a Marine, No one, and I mean no one can ever take that from us.

    Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock!!!!

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    Reporting as requested...with the exceptions of uniform not fitting ready to go...ooooorah

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    As of 2014 or before you have to be able to swim. In 1965 I could not, but at 18 I went to Viet Nam; could not drink or vote but could kill anything in site.


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    Looking for any former Marines that were enlisted pilot.
    Lovingly called: Flying Peons!

    I wrote Tippy as a tribute to a Master Gunnery Sergeant that I had the pleasure and honor to have served with while in the Marines. I remember as a young Marine transferring home from overseas. I had received orders to report to Hams-37, a DC-3 (C-47-military distinction) transport squadron at El Toro Air Base. I was awaiting my discharge from my enlistment. This is where I met Master Gunnery Sergeant, Charles Walker Tippie. Man was he a salty old marine. A fair guy, but let’s just say, seasoned. I flew a few times as his mechanic, crew chief. Boy, did he have some stories. Some may have been “Fairy Tales," some the "God’s Honest Truth." You can never tell with the Marines. I was told early on in my Marine career, there are only two types of fairy tales told in the Corps; one begins with, “Once upon a time…” the other, “This is no ****e!” Whatever the truth may have been I wrote “Tippy” as a tribute; as I imagined this Flying Marine Sergeant may have been in WWll. None of my characters in the book exist in real life. They are composites of the REAL HEROS, the men who flew into battle everyday! They crammed their bodies into tiny aircraft, and then hurled themselves across the skies, to protect America. Let me just tell you here and now. War sucks! It’s much better to “Pass the bread, than the Ammo!” But, my lord, you have got to hand it to these souls! This is a personal "Thank-You" to these brave folks!

    Anyone that wants a FREE PDF copy, shoot me an email to uva@twc.com. I will be honored to send you one. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed serving as a Marine. Semper-Fi, Michael G. Uva (Former Staff Sergeant 1967-1976)

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    Awaiting orders since 1969. Lets do it!

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    K.Rice, 2090435, Combat Unit, 1 ea., Olive Drab, just pull the pin to open.

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