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    Smile Recruit Graduation Books

    For those of you looking for a copy of your Recruit Training Book try Ebay. I have purchased and sold several there in the past few years. They generally run from $10-20 each. I recently purchased a about 30 from an antique store in St. Louis. They range from 1964 to 1987 from both Dago and PI. I would be happy to sell you one but you must be able to prove you were in that platoon or give me the name of a loved one who was in that platoon. Email me for a list. Oh yeah I ain't getting rich off this. You pay what I paid plus shipping. I figured these would set in the antique store for years or some other ebay mogul would buy them and jack the price up.

    PS another site that might have your book is They have and on line auction that is mostly military stuff. US, German, Japanese, etc. Your on your own there but the last time I looked they had several books for sale.

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    Got a 'Diego 1978 plt 3070 sept 78 grad date?

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    Sorry but know. Keep looking you never know what will show up on Ebay.

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    I graduated PI Oct. 3rd of this year and they still haven't sent me my grad. book. Quite slow, aren't they?

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    Did you have to order 2. One for yourself and one for your mother. Don't know about slow. After boot camp I did not make it home for about an year. By then I had forgotten about it.

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    I am looking for Platoon 189 San Deigo it was 1961 I think. It is for a bro. His was burnt in a house fire.

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    List of Books

    Sorry I do not have a copy of 189. If I did this right a list of what I do have is attached.

    Location PlatoonGraduation Date.doc

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    yearbook & picture

    __________________________________________________ _________

    call here for yearbooks if you went to Parris Island they may help you 1(843)-228-1555 good luck

    __________________________________________________ _________

    Here is some poop on graduation books.
    Platoon Photos and Graduation Books available through
    MCRD Museum
    Historical Society

    Platoon Graduation Photos
    MCRD San Diego only

    Platoon Graduation Photos are available
    only for years 1937 - 1974.
    Platoon Graduation Photos are available for $35.00
    plus $3.50 shipping & handling. Additional copies of
    the same picture are available for $15.00 each.
    MCRD San Diego only

    Yearbooks from the 1980's and 1990's are
    available in limited quantities.

    Year Books are available for $35.00
    plus $6.50 shipping & handling

    To order Platoon Graduation
    Photos & Yearbooks:

    Complete the order form and submit with your credit card information (we won't charge your account until we confirm we can fill your order)

    Print and mail Order Form to:
    MCRD Museum Historical Society
    Platoon Photo
    P. O. Box 400085, Bldg. 26
    Marine Corps Recruit Depot
    San Diego, CA 92140

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    I am looking for a yearbook. I graduated PI July 1964. Platoon 233. Senior DI SSgt Navarro. Thanks.

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    I am looking for a book from PI for Company B Platoon 1083, graduation date was 10 Dec 1981. Best day ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shankhm View Post
    I am looking for a book from PI for Company B Platoon 1083, graduation date was 10 Dec 1981. Best day ever.
    I'm looking for a graduation book from PISC Plt. 3050, H Company, 3rd Battalion, from Apr 83 to Jul 83.

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    Platoon 2005, MCRD Parris Island 1978

    When my ex wife decided she had enough of me rasing my hand to deploy every chance I could, she tossed out everything I had during Desert Storm. I am slowly trying to piece back my collection and one of the final pieces I need is a Recruit Graduation Book for Platoon 2005, MCRD Parris Island, 1978.

    If you have one, please let me know what you'd like for it.

    Thanks and Semper Fi Devil Dogs!!!

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    Thumbs up

    Looking For Marines In PLT 252 1960 PI

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    Looking for Grad Book from Aug 1979 PLT 3030 PI.S.C. Anybody no where I can find one.

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    How do you want me to prove that I was in PI PLT 3030.I hope you do have a grad book from 1979. My Ex destroyed mine when I got divorce.

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