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Thread: NBA fans?

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    NBA fans?

    Anyone out there excited about the NBA season? I'm a big Bulls fan myself, I'm excited to watch that kid Derrick Rose, he looks like he's gonna be a good one.

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    I'm not an NBA fan at all. I used to like basketball, but primarily college. As scores have dropped so has my interest. I used to love to watch Oklahoma and Loyola play and each score about 150. To me a 80-75 game is just boring to watch.

    That said, since Oklahoma City has an NBA team now I suppose I'll have more interest than I have in the past. I'll probably even make it to a couple of games- but I don't think it will ever be on par with the sports I actually like.

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    I didn't think there would be many basketball fans on here. I'm glad Oklahoma City has an NBA team though, they were very passionate about the Hornets when they played out there that year after Hurricane Katrina. I'm sure most people around your neck of the woods are more concerned with that annual OU-UT football game though!

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    Ever since my two sons headed over to the "Sandbox" or there abouts, on numerous occasions, I have disengaged myself from professional sports in general. Professional sports has no longer become the focus of my sunday morning paper focus. Hell yes, I'm a sports fan but not like I used to be. The NBA provdes a very fine product but not enough to garner my total attention. On a side note, I wouldn't mind to see more passing and less dribbling. I wonder what the NBA would be like if they took away the dunk? I think...better basketball but not necessarily better commercial basketball.

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    The OU-Texas game is pretty big. Honestly, the NBA will do fine, but hockey is probably the only major league sport that could really be a boom. The NFL couldn't compete with college football, we're not a big enough market for baseball, and Oklahoma just isn't much of a basketball state.

    But, with the Hornets there is now a core group of fans. Sadly, many of them are still mad that the NBA forced the Hornets back to N.O. when they wanted to stay in OKC. But, I suppose everyone will get over it in time.

    I've always been a Mavericks fan in basketball- and I don't know that I'll change my mind. I love Cuban, and wish more people were like him. Clay Bennett just isn't the same.

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    Mark Cuban is good for the NBA. It's good to see an owner who's also a fan, as opposed to someone who's just in it for the money.

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    I'm not that exited about my over the hill Spurs. They aren't going to do anything this year except take Geritol, drink ensure, and **** their Depends.

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    I think they're the only team who's average age is over 20. Tony Parker's like 27, and he's still the "young'n" on the team!

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    I hope we can eclipse 30 wins this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pheartnov2904 View Post

    I hope we can eclipse 30 wins this year.

    Now THAT'S optimism...

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