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    Thanks for the help

    My name is GySgt James Rowley I am currently on recruiting duty in Amarillo Texas. About 6 months ago my mom had fallen ill in which I made two trips, well unfortunatley on the 16th of September 2008 my father called me and said my mother had gotten pretty bad and the Doctors said that he needed to get the children together, well thats where this takes a funny turn, the first time I went home I paid for it out of pocket the second time I went through the American Red Cross, the third I did not know where to turn for help, well with lots of prayers and the assistance from my acting SgtMaj he told me that he would get in contact with the Marine Corps League located in Albequerque NM, it had been no more then 6 hours when I my SgtMaj told me that they were going to take care of my flight to Orlando to be with my Mom. Unfortunatley we made the choice to not allow her to be in pain any longer and took her off of life support, on Sept 20th my dearest mother passed with me by her side, with my sister and my father. The purpose of this Post is without the Marine Corps League assisting me I would have never been able to be there. I want to say thank you so much and that I will be forever thinking about the people that helped me. I joined the Marine Corps for a good reason and now I take the quote "Semper Fidelis" in a different view Marines stick together no matter the situation. Thank you again.

    If anyone knows how I can become part of this organization please guide me, that I maybe able to help someone the way I was. God Bless

    Very Respectfully
    GySgt James A Rowley

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    Prayers to You and your family Guns. Marine Corps League is great! I am sure that there is a MCL post near you, look at the MCL website.

    Anytime you are in the Kansas City area, PM me - Semper Fi, Tom Murray

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    Got this from web:
    Roan Creek Marine Corps League 992, Amarillo TX
    "We meet the First Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 PM
    at Golding Meadows VFW (Post 1475)
    1401 W 8th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79101-1013 "

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    hey gunny semper fi and our prayers are with you.i live in s.w.kansas if you want to have a cup of coffee

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    Link to to the National HQ of MCL ; You can screach or closes detachment.
    Hope this helps .
    Alamo Detachment #315
    Jr. Vice Commandant

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    Hey Gunny,

    Glad to hear you got the assistance you needed and are expressing your thanks!
    God Bless your Mom! Semper Fi and Happy Birthday Gunny!!! Thanks for your service!


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