Pardon My Lack of Knowledge
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    Pardon My Lack of Knowledge

    But, I live in Walterboro, SC and I have tried to go on the internet to join, but the internet will not let me and there is no organization here. Can anyone help me with this?

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    Deb give up a clue here babe...???

    Whar are you trying to join or search for???

    Semper Fi
    Gunny out

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    Marine Corps League...........I'm in that Forum!

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    go to and if im not mistaken you can fill out a form and it tells you where the nearest recruiting place is.

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    I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm looking into whether or not you can join as a National Member at Large through our Det.. This means that you don't have a regular place or Detachment to hang your hat, but it still works if you want to join the cause. If it's so - I'll mail you an application form and then you can join through our Detachment #1306. I'm the Paymaster/Adjutant.

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    Deb, if you go to links on this website and go to Marine Corps Leage, it will jump over to the national headquarters or here's a link:

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    Wow! I've been gone only a couple of days, but it is so good to see ya'll taking care of our Sister.

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    I went to ( 1 ) local meeting here and was very unhappy with the experiance.

    A lot of very over weight and unorganized guys who did not seam to like each other.

    I never went back to join up.

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    Sgt. there are 27 Det. in S.C. There might be one close to you. Good luck.
    Semper Fi

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    What are you trying to join? You should have put that in your question.

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    Sgt Baker: Don Jones is the Jr. Vice Commandant of the Marine Corps League in SC and will be able to give you any info you need.

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    Ploft, in case you haven't noticed, the original post in this thread is almost 2 years old, and this thread hasn't been posted in in almost a year.

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    Sgt Baker I just looked at you profile and would like to know one thing and that is why did all the WM'S in the 60'S look like they could tear you a new butt hole and you look like a beautifully WM. I know I have left me wide open for all WM'S of the 60'S but I would like to know

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    Ggyoung, looking at Sgt Baker's profile, she hasn't been on this forum in over a year, and she graduated boot camp in 1983, not in the 60' least that's how I'm taking what you said about WM's of the 60's.

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