Trip to PI this August?
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    Trip to PI this August?

    Dear Fellow Leathernecks,
    Is there a League Detacment going to PI from the North East at the end of August or early July this year? It's my 30 year anniversery. My detachment is going, but I have to work. I posted this on the league site as well.
    Semper Fi,

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    Hopefully someone can confirm that they are closing MCRD PISC! Is this true?

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    We have been all over the world and no has ever been able to kick us out. I really don't think our government can do it either.

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    I highly doubt it, PI SC just opened a brand new MCX near the entrance, about the size, if not bigger, of the one in Quantico, VA.

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    It's not bigger and it doesn't open till next week.

    MCRD PI is not closing and has never been considered for base closure. What a silly rumor.

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    Wednesday the 19th is the Grand Opening

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    national convention is in Greensboro in august 8-14

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    R. Lee Ermey to Lobby Congress on Adding Marine Corps Name to Department of Navy
    Marine Corps League Press Conference, Rally Slated for Feb. 25

    Washington D.C. - Feb. 19, 2010 - Full Metal Jacket star R. Lee Ermey and the Marine Corps League will hold a press conference Thursday, Feb. 25, in Washington D.C. to announce legislation and a grassroots campaign to give Marines equal status with the Navy.
    The conference will be held 3 PM in 1334 Longworth House Office Building. The conference was previously scheduled for another time. Ermey will also appear at a rally at 5 PM at Bullfeathers of Capitol Hill restaurant. Press and interested parties are invited to attend.
    The legislation, H.R. 24 and S.504, would change the name of the Department of the Navy to the "Department of the Navy and Marine Corps" and the Secretary of the Navy to the "Secretary of the Navy and Marine Corps." It would not create a separate department.

    Speaking at the conference will be:
    • R. Lee Ermey, aka "Gunny," a Golden Globe-nominated actor and Marine veteran. Ermey is host of The History Channel's "Mail Call" and "Lock N' Load with R. Lee Ermey" and star of major films including Full Metal Jacket, Dead Man Walking and Toy Story.
    • Sgt. Eddie Wright, a Marine veteran and Bronze Star recipient who lost both hands in combat in Iraq in 2004. Despite his injuries, he became a Marine Corps hand-to-hand combat instructor, later retired, and is now a defense contractor.
    • Dick Linn, a Gold Star father who lost his son Karl in Iraq in 2005.
    • U.S. Rep Walter Jones, who introduced H.R. 24.
    • Tracy Della Vecchia, founder and executive director. Her website has 130,000-plus members and provides support for parents of Marines.
    • Michael Blum, Marine Corps League executive director.
    The Marine Corps operates under the Department of the Navy. Families of Marines who die in combat receive condolence letters on Navy letterhead—with no mention of the Marine Corps.
    Ermey said a major reason for his involvement with the campaign was to properly honor Marines who have fought and died in battle.
    "When the family of a fallen Marine receives a condolence letter, the Marine Corps name should be proudly mentioned," Ermey said. "I don't think that's too much to ask for."
    For more information on the conference, rally or legislation, go to the Marine Corps Identity Cause website at

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    as of dec 09 pi was building new barracks f/2 rectruit training bns that is in addition to what is there not replacement doesnt sound like closing to me the building are going up were the snc club wake vilage and the old meat plant was located

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    In all do respect for the Marines WIA and KIA, I don't think the letterhead that the family receives that horrible information on would really make a difference. Plus I like being a Department of the Navy, the Mens department.

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    Back in 2004 Congress was toying with the idea of closing PI and moving recruit training to Fort Jackson, SC. Yes, that's right Marines training on an Army Depot. The reason was cost and efficiency. That was shot down and only until recent has the talk started back up, but this time only as a rumor. I even heard this past weekend that it was fact that PI was closing and the women had already started training at Camp Johnson. I almost choked on my beer with laughter, when I heard that one. They are currently building a new 3rd BN, it will be behind current 2nd BN. Along with all the new additions and renovations, don't count on PI closing anytime in the future.

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