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    3/1 fallujah 2004, do you know or remember a Cpl. Richard Devon. Hansen?


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    3/1 nov 2004 fallujah

    Do you know or remember a 3/1 Cpl. Richard Devon Hansen??

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    I was at the 1st “Battle of Fallujah” with 2/2 Easy co. We were guarding a bridge and running patrols into Fallujah getting into fire fights that lasted for hrs. We opened with, closed with and maneuvered on the enemy in in squad size and sometimes large Co. size raids. Time magazine journalists was with us and they did an article about us. Even though I had been a Marine, (1996-2000) I was a line Co. Corpsman at this time during the Battle of Fallujah. I feared for my life everyday and I was very proud to have participated and fight along side very brave men.

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