Looking for Eric Becker, attended NTSU in 1980s
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    Looking for Eric Becker, attended NTSU in 1980s

    I had a friend named Eric Becker who was a Marine and a Philosophy major (Nietzsche and Herman Hesse fan), and who attended North Texas State University in the mid-1980s. He lived in McConnell Hall. Eric was in a coma as the result of an automobile accident in December 1985, and was treated at Robert Dedman Medical center in Dallas, TX. His excellent physical condition allowed him to recover from his injuries fairly well. He was originally from Virginia, I believe.

    I lost track of him around 1987. Since Dedman Hospital will not reveal any personal information, and since his name is fairly common, I am hoping somone here can help me find him. One of our friends passed away nearly 15 years ago, and I'm sure Eric has no idea this happened and would like to know.

    Thanks for your help.

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    still looking for Eric...

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    Still looking for Eric Becker

    someone must know where he is!

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    Well... I know of an Eric ... whose brother's name is Todd Becker. Todd's brother I know was a Marine, and Todd talked to my son many times about his brother's experience in the Marines. I think they were originally from South Carolina. Todd is my cousin's husband and Eric and Todd I know have the same father.... so I would assume that both last names are Becker. I actually have a picture of Eric on my website, because I had asked Todd for patriotic pictures.

    Here's the link. The page has other things on it, but the picture is under the title of Todd and Eric.It's more toward the bottom of page.


    You didn't mention any age and I don't know how old Eric is ... Todd is 45 or 46 ... and I think Eric is younger.

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    Nope, that's not him. Eric should be about 45-47 by now, was very into weightlifting. About 5'10".

    But thank you for responding!

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    You could give more info,would a picture be possible?Units...operations and exs.I've met lots of folks just in passing.

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    bplaney, I believe the Eric you are referring to was a friend of mine here in Virginia. Wondered what happened to him! You have added a piece to the puzzle. I think I just found him on facebook. No picture, but seems to match. Have you already found this? Try sending a message to him there. Back in Virginia it appears...Good luck!

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    Eric Becker


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    Any luck?

    I may have found him and will let him decide if he wishes to log on here and visit! Take care and God Bless!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bplaney View Post
    was very into weightlifting. About 5'10".
    But thank you for responding!
    If he was into weightlifting maybe check this site and do a search.
    I've been a member of the following site for 5 or 6 years new but never have seen the name you refer to.
    "Search" field is upper right corner.


    Hope you get lucky.

    Carry on...

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    Hi - The Eric you are looking for was a high school sweetheart of mine. From what I've been able to find, he is in Sterling VA. I talked to him via email a few years ago and today I googled him. Google Eric Becker VA; I found a google email address for him. I hope you find him. Let me know if you all connect. Hope this helps.

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    Sorry the system deleted my text when I added the photos, and it misinformed me about the success of their upload, hence the duplicates.

    These are of Eric Becker in 1983 celebrating the USMC birthday in our McConnell Hall dormitory at North Texas State University. I hope it can help someone pinpoint the Eric Becker I am still looking for.

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    I have finally posted pictures - sorry it only took me 13 years! I just recently found them, but am still trying to connect with Eric.

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