January 7
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    January 7

    So its 3:30 am just got home from going out and getting *&$#ed up! iI have bottle of jameson in my hand and its ready to be guzzeled down..This shot goes out to everyone thats leaving on monday..Wish you all the best of luck and see you there!

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    Tick--Tick--Tick--Tick.........going........going........going...... .Gone!

    Better drink while you can pup, three months is a long dry spell!

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    It is just starting to get warm here again after our -10 windchill... .and you are going to a warmer place.

    Enjoy your adventure!

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    Phantom Blooper
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    Good luck to you.....do well and come back a Marine!

    On a side note.....Your profile reads for civilian occupation VP of Sales For Mailing Company.

    Does this mean you and your company are the ones responsible for helping fill up my mailbox with useless shredable junk mail? And if this is the case the junk mail load should downsize considerably after you leave! Just a thought!

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    Best of Luck!


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    Hahahahaha..Yes Phantom, your junk mail should reduce just a little.

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