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    General Gray photo

    Greetings all. I just posted a story about General Gray in another thread, and it got me thinking. My old personnel officer had a poster of General Gray that I always liked. It was a painting of him in cammies with his helmet, goggles and 4-star canteen cup. Does anyone happen to have a digital version of this? Thanks!

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    I know exactly which one you're talking about. I would also love a copy of that.
    I wonder how many other CMC's took their portraits in cammies. ; )

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    I believe Gen Gray was the only CMC to take his official photo in cammies.

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    i dont know of wher eto find these pictures but i do know hes on the board of chairmans for SYS technologies in san diego..

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    Below is the official portrait of General Gray with cammies on.

    I was his sergeant major's admin chief during 1987-90.

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    I too have been looking for that poster. I was the Marine on Camp Pendleton that Painted and placed the 4 Stars and Eagle, Globe and Anchor on a brass plate that was mounted on the front side of the cup and presented it to General Gray. I was with 1st FSSG, 1st Maint BN, GSM co at the time. General Gray was visiting Motor T maint co. on Main side in Camp Pendleton the morning I presented it to him. For proff. I was a LCPL at the time and under his cup I have my rank, name and last 4 of my SSN. I do know when I returned to Texas I walked into a recruiting office and on the wall was the poster of Gerneral Gray with the canteen cup. I gave the Marines that were thier my story and the reason's why I got out of the Marine Corps. If any body knows of a true picture of this canteen cup. please contact me on my email. Simper Fi

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    8 year old thread....

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    Yeah, Chuck. They add to it like it was posted a day or two ago.....hey, I'll be in Cleveland next week, it's 2002 now, anyone suggest sites to see? Then in 2013 someone will post, hey, try this or that museum, like the guy hasn't been to Cleveland and back a decade ago----this is one of the most asinine things about this site.

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