April 18th 1983
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    April 18th 1983

    A stolen van carrying 2,000 pounds of explosives slammed into the US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon on April 18, 1983 killing 63 people. Hezbollah terrorists were responsible for the cowardly attack that killed LCpl McMaugh and 17 other Americans. He was posthumously promoted.

    The President met the deceased at the airport and accompanied them to the funeral.

    Most folks donít know, but the Embassy had been attacked before,
    On Oct 6th, 1978 one Marine was wounded
    On Jun. 7th, 1982 another Marine was wounded
    On this date in 1983 one Marine was killed
    On Sept. 20th, 1984 four Marines were wounded at the Embassy annex.

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    Unhappy Robert V. McMaugh

    I'm a past member of the Robert V. McMaugh Memorial American Legion Post 10 in Manassas, VA. Cpl McMaugh was a graduate of Osbourn Park High School in Manassas. The post was named in honor of Cpl McMaugh and in memory of his service to our country.

    I never had the honor of meeting Cpl McMaugh personally but have met his uncle and other family members who still live in the area. Though I was still in high school at the time and not yet in the Marine Corps, I can say that it is an honor to carry on in his name and all other Marines who have gone before. Hopefully I can measure up some day.

    Semper Fidelis,

    Sgt gw (Sgt Race)

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    I met Robert as he and Sgt. Light past had a 2 day stay over at the Marine House in Nicosia, Cyprus on their way to Beirut Embassy. This would be his first post after graduating MSG school. An outstanding Marine he was. He wanted to know all there was to know about being an MSG and guarding the embassy. We got to know each other quite well over the day or so. Didn't get a chance to see him/them off because I was on duty the day they left for Beirut. Two weeks later the embassy was bombed and he lost his life. God bless your family. SEMPER FI

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    I think of Beirut every once in awhile , wondering " what went wrong " ?

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