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    Tattoo Policy is GAY

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    Marines get tats and cuss, we fight, drink and fcuk and. We are Marines.

    Who the hell is making these new rules?

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    It's ridiculous. We already know that we cannot do embassy duty or be an officer with visible tattoos. All the positions that require a "professional" appearance already have the tattoo stipulation. There is no reason to crack down further on those of us that have no plans on doing guard duty or OCS.

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    Hmmm... I remember getting a tat as a rite of passage... Some got'em when they got out of boot, went on float, deployed overseas... I see some of the point of the ALMAR but you would think they would allow a Marine to think for him/her self prior to getting ink done (Do I plan on staying in the Corps and what do I want to do after my first hitch?)... I think they are quashing an age old military/naval tradition that pre-dates the Marine Corps.

    I wonder how many former Marines that are CEOs and other civilian leaders have tats?

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    GunsUp: They baby us and call it the difficulty of being a Marine.

    "Why do we field day every week and then get inspected?"
    "Because we're Marines, we're disciplined!"
    "Uh, if that were the case, SSgt would be inspecting your house."
    "Yeah, but you live in the barracks."
    "And we're the same rank. So I need to be 'disciplined' while you get to live fat and nasty at your home?"

    While I no longer live in the barracks, I still hate watching my fellow Marines get treated like children. They entrust us with protecting the country, they entrust us with loaded M16's, but they don't think we can clean our rooms? Right. I've heard Marines say, "It's dirty, but I'll just clean it on field day," showing that field days actually *encourage* lazy room upkeep.

    It's all a hand-holding thing. It has zip to do with discipline and professionalism. Last I checked, no one chose the Marines because we're so stern about IP-ing our uniforms. We enlist because we're the toughest, most bad ass of them all, not because we get chewed out for having something in our cargo pocket and we're not "in the field."

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    I am 82 and never was tempted to get a tattoo. My son got one two
    years ago and on his way home to Fla. ,he won 20grand in the SC
    To each his own.

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    So what you're saying is, if we get tattoos...we'll...WIN...THE...LOTTERY?!?!

    :buys $500 worth of lotto tickets:

    I'm not making fun of you, just the first thing that popped into my head is all.

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    I've had friends who wanted to see my tats, when I told them I didn't have any they couldn't believe I had done 6 years as a Marine and had no tats, they thought every Marine had to have at least one. Everthing in moderation tats included are fine I say git en ifn you want em.

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    fmoyer: Hang in there. Tattoos don't make the man; HEART is the prime factor!

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    politicial correctness in MY BELOVED CORPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

    its bullshQ$#t%@#%@!!

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