-- Iím sure most of you have heard about this already. And even some here may be planing on being there on this March 17, 2007. I'm posting this information... for those that maybe have not heard about the counter rallies taking place on the seventeenth in answer to the anti war rally that is to take place also on March 17... starting at the Vietnam Wall. That (anti-war) rally is called "March on the Pentagon."

-- I'm adding the "March on the Pentagon" information so those of you can read about it for yourselves if you haven't already. If you haven't read this before be perpared to be upset. I thought I was going to break my keypad I was so upset after learning about this (last month) and was trying to get the word out through websites I frequent.

March on the Pentagon info -

There home page -

-- Below information on counter rallies in answer to the Anti-War protesters/protests. "Supporting the Troops and Protecting the Wall" info in links below.

Gathering of Eagles - Article (not there home page... but do click on there home page to read further information.)

Article and Video

Move America Forward - ďThese Colors Donít Run!Ē

Video: Pro-Troop Caravan

Rolling Thunder

-- These are just some that have stepped forward... but there are many more organizations that have put the word out and are stepping forward.

Even my son told me that Marines from his base are going that have time off available for them to go.